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  1. Dude those Tethys wheels on your 850 look sick! I love it!

  2. Their website SUCKS. Their cars SUCK, especially the Geely GE. The only good is the addition of Stefan Jacoby (from VW) as CEO. Ford had better leadership IMO, but I think it gives Volvo more freedom. With Geely not knowing which direction is UP , Volvo will be telling Geely how to run both operations. I'm still skeptical but I do see room for opportunity here. :D
  3. I'd like to see a revival/new version of the S70/850, S90, or even just use those names, or make a retro car like the dodge challenger. Or the S80L make it an S90. I miss the 70 series, 40 series names S, V, C followed by the class, the current system makes no sense at all. It should be C30,S40,V50,C60(currenlty c70),S70(currently s60),XC70 (currently xc60),S80,V80(currently v/xc70),XC90.