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  1. installing eurosporttuning cold air intake for my s60 this weekend

  2. deftones: diamond eyes is a really kick ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD album

  3. This is one of the biggest misconceptions about Volvo being sold to Geely - all Volvos that being sold in the United States are still being manufactured and assembled in Sweden. For Volvos sold within China ONLY, 50% will be manufactured parts from China, 50% manufactured parts from Sweden and 100% assembled in China. China has a rule that requires 50% or more of manufactured product to be made within China. So...long story short...the Volvo you all will continue to buy whether you're in Europe or North America, or really anywhere else but China will be manufactured in Sweden. Geely Holding corp. is keeping an arm's length from Volvo, allowing them to operate more or less independently.
  4. nice, how much did that set you back if you don't mind me asking?
  5. I bought custom euro plates for when i take my car to shows: Somewhat cheesy but what the hell. Plus that way it doesn't have my own plates on it. If anyone is interested in buying any, this is where I got them from:
  6. I've been spending way too much on my S60 lately Eurosport Tuning Stainless Steel Sport Cat Back Exhaust System Eurosport Tuning Stainless Steel Turbo Down Pipe with Racing Cat Arriving shortly, I'll post videos/pics when I get it installed.
  7. I have both the wired and wireless versions of this keyboard and I agree, it is by far one of the best keyboards I've ever used. I just wish the wireless version was a full keyboard with number pad like the USB counterpart...
  8. They really do look a lot better in person, they don't seem to photograph so well at times. It's strange. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to putting on the Heico wheels.
  9. I actually don't even have the VOLUTIONS on yet, I literally just ordered them online. For right now the best I can do is my cardomain page, I really love the IPD VMS wheels, but not to knock IPD, they are a great company, but these wheels hit the slightest pot hole and they get bent. Oh, and as soon as I get my car with everything installed on it I will most certainly post pictures here, on SS and hopefully meet some of you in Carlisle.
  10. $1,273 plus $150 shipping... Link to product page on That's where I bought it from. Great site for any Volvo parts btw, great prices. The first time I bought just the rear and front bumper pieces because that's all someone had for sale from I bought the rear wing off of - that's not included in the Sport kit. Thanks about the wheels, f#$&king expensive though...the wheel lock nuts alone are $300. :o
  11. Heico VOLUTION 18" Bright Silver: Pirelli P Zero Nero 235/40/18 S60 Sport kit (I needed to replace the front spoiler and get the sideskirts) I technically already have the rear wing, rear bumper, and front spoiler installed but the front spoiler got damaged over the winter and I was missing the sideskirts.