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  1. I seem to be the only one having issues with it, or at least the only one posting. I received my vag-com cord, downloaded vol-fcr, updated my vag-com cord, plug it into my car and.... errors. It keeps saying "check connection". I've put it on COM1, changed the bitrates and the like, but to no avail. Is the little light on the cord supposed to light up at all? I plug the cord into my computer, then into my car, turn the key to II and I keep getting the same error. Am I missing something here?
  2. Door Stop, I have one for $20 shipped

  3. Alright, I'm back. Took a bit of a sabbatical, but I'm back and I'm changing my question a bit. Right now, I'm checking some Volvo sites, for the front right lower engine mount. Some of them have the OEM one, which costs about 100 bucks, and there are aftermarket ones that cost around 40 bucks. I'm just wondering if the aftermarket one will hold up to my expectations, and is worth buying. Linky
  4. Hey FCPGroton, Its awesome to have you on the VS forum! Its nice to know that some parts suppliers really do care about their customers. I have a question for you guys though, at this moment, I'm looking at motor mounts. I see the OEM mounts, and the aftermarket ones. One a couple of the aftermarket mounts, it says "Guaranteed OEM Quality and Fitment". The OEM one costs 100 bucks, while the aftermarket one costs a quarter of that. I can't say I'm not intrigued by the aftermarket one, but I want to know if its worth the money. Should I give the aftermarket mount a try, or should I just buy the OEM one?
  5. I manage a team. I am also in school.
  6. I have new ball joints! The Volvo's steering is eerily tight.
  7. My mom owns her own business, I think she fires me at least once a week.
  8. Very nice! Good to hear that the timeless style of suits hasn't totally died.
  9. Wait....the scales of economy work with drug dealers too?!
  10. The ones I saw were in tablet form. That, or she was showing me E.
  11. I've heard the same thing from one of my exes. Apparently you either take a million of those Salvia tablets and you'll feel like crap, or you take a couple and you don't feel a darn thing.
  12. I actually bought it online, from a place called "My Plastic Heart", in New York City. I like cutting edge design. I have found over the years, that most people don't like it, because they don't understand it. There is a lot to be said for ground-breaking design. Personally, I find most furniture stores very boring. To each his own, though.