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  1. Its still on the back of the bbq. It is there for a friend who has a boosted e36 m3. I told him almost a decade ago i'd take it off when he can beat me. I learn to drive in an e30, so bmw's have always ha spot in my heart, and now im a tech at a bmw dealership ironic isn't it.
  2. At the 1st annual Union Autofest
  3. Sitting at work. Can see the BBQ in the back
  4. After work maintenance skesh. Pain in my a$$ to put it on the lift, and their low profile to begin with haha
  5. I'm a tech at BMW Kingston Trent. Gonna post this because I love the way the Titansilber looks in this light. And it was clean for once
  6. This sick e31 came into the shop on friday. You can see the bbq chilling in the back.
  7. First set of real wheels i've ever bought BBS Style 19's 17x8 et15 front et 10 rear
  8. BBQ is waiting patiently for Arm Drop on July 17th. Shooting for a high ten. The GT4088 will be flowing all its got. Just waiting on new slicks and rims now. The dealership isnt too fond of it sitting back there as customers keep asking about it apparently hahaha
  9. Saturday.. Seems Shannonville is my second home lately. That is a government issued plate haha
  10. went for a rainy day cruise with a buddy out to wolfe island. After owning it for 7 months, blowing the auto and swapping it to manual, 3 track days and nothing broke. i cant get over how the e46 handles with coilovers. Its turn in is unreal
  11. In the paddock at shannonville getting ready to put some burners on.