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  1. 1025miles, no leaks, no failures. Yay.

  2. 470 miles, no problems.

  3. Built in less than a month or, 28 Days Later....

  4. Citizen Clox


    Somewhat Evolved from last year.
  5. Drove 80 miles to a shop between Albany and Corvallis today. There I picked up a un-molested B5234T3 with 140k on the clock. Tear-down mode to engage this weekend. I have Holset HX35W in need of a shaft/exhaust compressor wheel.

  6. Citizen Clox


  7. New rack installed @ 146,XXX HD endlinks and new clutch hydraulic gear.

  8. A Treasury of quaint imagery to commemorate my journey through the 9 circles of hell.
  9. OOGA. Looking for a steering rack X (

  10. Oh hey wassup brrrrroooooooooo

  11. Camshaft cover Re-sealed with genuine Volvo anaerobic sealant. BIG difference from RTV.

  12. Distributor turned into a blender.. Fixed rear cam seals, and a backwards check valve. I should smoke less...

  13. @13psi, normal A/F. :D