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  1. Don't even know where there ARE any of those in PA, seems they're mostly all single hose pumps . I agree. Haven't ever knowingly tried anything but 93 in the S70, but know the Wife's XC90 runs noticeable different (stock 2.5T). Dealer delivered the car to us after some service work (235 miles away, so needed a fill up ) and the car had noticeably less power and more engine vibration. Filled up with 93 and she was back to herself .
  2. We have a blue male, he'll be 2 next month. Rowdy as all hell, but very gentle and loving for such a HUGE dog I think a Dane will be a great choice for a family dog. Let us know how you make out . Joe
  3. OK thanks. Just downloaded it, sounds interesting :lol:
  4. Email Michele and ask her, couldn't hurt :lol:
  5. Jaime, I agree about the pricing. When these tunes first became available, they were very competitively priced. Now that he's seen how much $$ there is to be made, they are no longer the price they once were . I was shocked when I saw the prices for ME7 tunes. I know the software is more complex, but come on... As for being tuned for colder weather in Lucky's area, doubtful. Heck, my S70 was tuned by a gentleman in Sweden and it has been flawless for the 4 years I've had the tune. Never a hiccup, misfire, backfire etc that is being discussed here. And, I hit the 15 psi target with only ~2 psi wastegate preload and a stock Pierburg TCV . ARD has people running 4-5 psi preload and STILL not hitting target ... Joe
  6. Be patient, you're not their only customer :lol:
  7. Probably wastegate adjustment. Try tightening it? ...sorry, had to :lol:
  8. WOW . That doesn't even make sense. If the drivers were bad, the car would operate on base wastegate pressure, no? Not like they were good enough to make SOME boost, but not hit target That is what bothers me the most about this guy. He'll make up some technical sounding jargon to sound smart and try to confuse people so they just nod and accept. Same thing when I've dealt with him about the HD TCV. Started ranting about PID loops and the newer valve being "faster and more precise"... Nothing wrong with having a product issue. But ADMIT IT (or at least look into it). Don't try to sound technical and start blaming other parts of the car when your product was the only variable changed... Joe
  9. Easy now, those of us who have never personally been ripped off by ARD have no business commenting here. Apparently you have to spend $800 on a tune to know he's full of crap (or at least to be a reputable source) Joe
  10. How is he NOT doing the same thing here? Whenever someone has a problem with one of his tunes, he seems to point at wastegate adjustment, failing TCV/BCS, failing CBV, etc...anything he can without admitting it may be a software issue. I do agree that some don't do a proper "stage 0", but what irks me is that he (and everyone else) act like it CAN'T be a tuning issue because he's infallible. Again, same thing he has done to me... And let's get one thing straight, if I was TRYING to give Lucky a bad name, I'd be creating thread after thread about my opinion of him. I have yet to start a conversation or thread about an issue I've had, just adding to other threads when its relevant. I'm not trying to slander him or deface him in any way, but I'm also not about to cover for him either. Truth is what it is . I'm also not implying he's a thief or knowingly taking money for a bad product. Just think his opinion of himself and his knowledge is such that he can't see (or admit) when something he's engineered may be at fault ... Joe
  11. I'm not trying to tarnish his name, just tired of everyone here sticking up for him because "he's a cool guy". That may be, but if the product is bad, why should we act like it's impossible just because he's the almighty Lucky? As far as what I've purchased, I fell for the original "HD TCV" when it debuted in 2008. We all know how well they worked . He was still with Ipd (obviously), but he gave me the runaround then. Told me that the new TCV was "faster and more precise" and that's why my LPT went from 6 psi with the stock Peirburg valve to only 4 psi max with the HD TCV. Insisted it couldn't be the valve, had me on a goose chase for months ... He also repeatedly told me that the stock boost level for the ME7 LPT cars was 8 psi, which is what made me purchase his valve to begin with. Even after showing him that the Volvo literature stated 5.5-6.5 psi max, he was STILL quoting 8 psi target to others after that... May sound petty to hold a grudge for all these years, but he's doing the same thing to these people. Selling something that doesn't deliver as promised, then telling them that it HAS to be something else wrong with their car because his product couldn't possibly be to blame. Sorry, but I have no time for people like that. He could be the coolest guy on the planet and it still wouldn't justify not admitting to taking someone's money for a faulty product . Joe