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  1. Hopefully mine, I guess we'll see how things go.
  2. I told you you could just take those seats I deskinned the R skins from.
  3. Selling a lot of my shit, let me know if you have any interest. Would rather try locally first. Selling my S70s's, they're both '98 Red on Charcoal T5's, ones a high mileage manual and the other an auto. $2500 for the auto with 185K and $1500 for the manual with 283K. Also have a NIB X70 Sconepipe, mint set of OEM Jewels, multiple sets of charcoal V70R panels, IPD RIP Kit with an HKS BOV, IPD/TME catback, 2 V70R front bumpers, S70 charcoal swap, 850R front seats, and much more I'm forgetting at the moment. Just let me know, I guess.
  4. And 4th
  5. Haha no. BMW will be tucked away within the next week or so, have a dyno day coming up. She has high miles and a little rough around the edges, but solid mechanically. I couldn't pass up the price....
  6. New winter beater.....'98 T5M
  7. Same here. I've been eyeing one for a while now and finally pulled the trigger, couldn't be happier.
  8. How much did you both agree upon before the subframe issue was discovered?
  9. 13" MacBook Air....long overdue.
  10. Ordered the new Cobb AccessPort V3 to replace my V2.
  11. Not much, just bored taking some tests on new BMW products. I can't skip through them, so killing some time while they play in the background. What's new with you guys?
  12. What's up guys?
  13. It all worked out in the end.
  14. Not the Volvo, but finally got some wheels for my other car. Sorry for the shitty night time iPhone pic...