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  1. With wife's permission of course.
  2. So tough, yet so sensitive.
  3. Your gender even says "not telling". I'm pretty sure I'm on to something.
  4. I'm pretty sure Jon has a vagina.
  5. Muscle cars get a big fat YAWN from me.
  6. She hasn't moved in months.
  7. Untitled by KeysarPhoto, on Flickr
  8. ​Keep the SB 24, ditch the rest. You can get a F100 for $100. The SB22 is pretty much useless (used to own one..) The SB24 can at least be used off camera so it's good for something. The 35-70 3.5 can go right in the trash can, or right back up ebay where it will likely not sell because its a cheap kit lens. If I were you I'd really focus on buying quality glass, there is a lot of great glass that can be had for "cheap" ("" because cheap is a relative term that varies depending on which lens you're talking about). Start buying fixed focal length lenses, you can get some very sharp lenses for cheap that way. Stick to nikon branded stuff too. Don't buy old shit quantary, sigma, tamaron, etc primes from the 80's and 90's.
  9. N8008 is a decent little camera. I'd sell it and find a good deal on an F100. It's a much better camera (focus and meter) and they're pretty cheap.
  10. Its got the 3.0L. Plan is, ditch the wing, rebarrel my work Ewing iiis to 17" and redrill them 5x130, install my sparco evoiis, swap rando momo wheel for a proto tipo, install DAS roll bar, and then IROC bumpers. POSSIBLY gusset rear shock towers and do a DIY coilover conversion.
  11. Yeah man. It's got a great exhaust setup, sounds like a 3.0 rsr kinda.
  12. Thanks Mike! It took me a couple weeks to make mind up, I had my heart set on a 964. After talking to a few buddies that own Porsche shops, they all said I was stupid for not buying it and my fears were unwarranted. Did some research and figured I could make it into something I really love.
  13. So 3.0 SC cars are kind of the red headed step child of the air cool 911 market, slightly better than the 2.7.. However #1 cars are now trading hands in the mid 40s. Number 2 cars in the high 30s low 40s and #3 cars in the high 20s to mid 30s. My car id say is a low grade 2 car maybe a 3 depending on who you talk to. It's clean, has a few panels re sprayed, momo steering, ssi headers, dual in and dual out m and k muffler, documented $20k rebuild on the engine, new clutch and flywheel, original Fuchs with brand new re11s, and a fairly clean interior. I paid well under $25k for the car and feel like I stole it at that price. Owner paid under $15k for his dad's rare optioned 964 so he wasn't concerned about making a ton of money on the car and it was a friend of a friend kind of deal too. At any rate I'm very excited. I've been looking for a long time.
  14. ​Yeah, it's crazy right now. I got a REALLY good deal on this car and I just couldn't pass it up. Bad timing, but I was able to make it all work out. Pick the car up this Saturday.