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  1. Really? Because I haven't heard from you all day. I'm not trying to be a dick but if you're really trying to solicit services to the community, at least message a brother back to let them know that you'll work on it. You know I'm in a shitty situation waiting for a solution and it would be nice to know if I can count on you hooking me up in any kind of a timely manner or just look elsewhere.


    Quit being a whiney bitch.

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  2. Go on, repeat after me: homeownership rocks, homeownership rocks....

    FWIW, we've got 6 years on our Trane unit and it's been absolutely perfect. It's been checked out (annual maintenance kinda thing) twice and both times the service tech left without having to do a single thing to it.

    After patching our old system back together for the past 5 years enough was enough. Put a new a-coil in the system 2 years ago and the condensate pan rusted out and ruined our brand new carpet down stairs. So that was the final straw. Had an 18seer unit with the XL18i heat pump and the hyperion XL air handler installed. It's awesome.

  3. Thank's,

    I know, its only a 3.5 but i do have my 24mm f2.8 and 50mm f1.4 and then my 70-300 f4 and 28-80 f3.5

    i like the fact that i can buy these older fx lenses for way cheaper than new ones since the 7100 has the built in focus motor i got all those lenses above for less than 150.00 and they are still miles better than a kit 18-55

    And i did get these images with that 28-200 f3.5



    If you're going to buy old glass, that's fine. But buy nice old glass. That sigma lens and pretty much all the older lenses you've posted are trash. Your money is spent on glass than anything else in the photography world. Bodies don't matter near as much as good glass.

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