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  1. Me neither. Even consider myself being younger than my son.. Until the next physical clue telling me otherwise. :P

    About that T-5R.. As it appears B5204T pistons OS .04 are no longer available. Custom made is about double the Volvo price and I'm hesitant to go that route.

    Thinking about dropping B5234T internals in this engine..

    Why couldn't you just drop b5234T internals in? I can't think of any reason.

  2. Wait a second, did I spring your interest with my photography question? Where did you find one in green? I haven't shot with film since I was in college, not sure I want to go back. Where would I get quality process nowadays?

    No, you didn't. My wife and are going to mexico next week and I've been planning on buying an underwater camera for some time. Was waiting to put my hands on a friends Nikonos V before I pulled the trigger. As for labs, there are plenty of film labs around and more and more are opening their doors again. Film is not dead, and it's slowly coming back. I personally use The FIND Lab out in Utah.

  3. :huh:

    I meant what I said, sorry if I didn't clarify that I was talking about a 50 mm lens. I wouldn't bother with a 35 mm but I know why people with DXs buy that lens.

    Mixed up the letters F/1.4D AF

    You didn't specify 50mm. He was talking about the 35, you suggested the afd version, which would lead one to think you're talking about a 35mm 1.4 AFD, which has never been produced. Just saying "get the nikkor afd 1.4" could be referring to more than just the 50mm.

    As for the 50 1.4 afd, it's a great lens, but it's a little slow in focusing and as they wear from usage, can get clunky and noisy (I own one and use the shit out of it).

  4. Get the Nikkor AF D f/1.4 and you'll never need another prime. (At least for what most folks use a 35/50mm) For day to day it's what I do most of my shooting with. Unfortunately it doesn't support auto zoom on the D3100 series. In which case you should go with the newer AF-S 1.4G. Either way, don't buy a DX lens if you plan on moving to 35 mm / FX in the future.

    I think you mean the 35 F2 AFD as there is no such thing as a F1.4 AFD. The F2 35mm is a meh lens. The 35 1.8 is a better buy.