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  1. What better way to learn photography then to have 1 lens with 1 focal length, limiting your options and making you think more about your composition. need to get wider, take a step back. Need to zoom in, take a step forward. It's very simple. Plus, they're tack sharp and cheap.

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  2. I only take real cameras out when there's money involved, these days. Otherwise, iphone it is. And I don't need a tripod. ^_^

    I haven't driven the car yet though, but expect it to not be good. There's no shock in the front right now as I didn't have time to resolve that issue. Working it though. Should be fixed by summers end.

  3. I cannot believe that is the same house, props duder. I'm sure dropping a match crossed your mind more than once :lol:

    It really did. Especially when I was knee deep in shit/piss stained underwear (true story).

    Doing this has convinced me to start flipping houses. IF I can do that, then fucking bring it on. Buying another house next month.