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  1. Ah, it all comes together now!

    Good thing they don't own the local Echo and Homelite dealership.

    Her grandfather started the store selling John Deere farm equipment and his brother also started a store 15miles south selling Cub Cadet/Kubota equipment. Now they both are Stihl distributors. The shitty thing is, the entire family hate eachother so no chance for discount from her uncle who now owns and runs the JD store. He especially hated my FIL. My FIL got me on the Stihl equipment and I actually buy all mine from another distributor near where I work. I get a better deal from him then I do from family..... true story

  2. Park%20Tool%20DC-1%20Digital%20Caliper.j

    Sick of trying to measure small stuff with a tape measure. It's bike brand, but I'm sure I'll use it for quite a bit more than that. On sale for $32 at Jenson, Park Tools DC-1

    I have four calipers and use all of them all the time. Keep a digital 6" cal on my desk at work and gets used on a daily basis. Most used tool I own.

    I can't still believe what I deal I got on these :) . Just got them today, very light wheels.


    True split rims


    After a quick wash with some wheel cleaner, with take them apart and give them a proper wash and polish.


    Look like two piece wheels.
  3. My practice attempts had a few holes. Fortunately, that was not the problem when actually welding. I'm trying to fix a butted weld on my exhaust that rusted through. My brother was thinking I didn't get enough of the rust off. Penetration was poor and a huge gob of metal built up on the surface. I need to pick up a new grinding wheel so I can get rid of it and try again.

    sounds like your wire feed setting was off.



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