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  1. Totally agree with you on that. I think the criminal element should be deported and the hard working families be given a chance at citizenship (of course, waiting in line like everyone else) and pay back income taxes and penalty fines....I am almost certain none would complain about that. Just need to be given a chance. As for the criminal element, the US and Mexico should make a joint effort in building jails for the criminals and money seized from the crimes committed used to fund the operations. I would also use hard military forces to take the cartel out swiftly. Once you pound them all the way to the foot level soldier, they are pretty much done for a while. (then we can focus on taking out the ridiculous regimes of Iran and N. Korea)
  2. jgraphix73


    Nice! Perfect set up of a performance stable IMO. Soon, I will be adding my 99 v70 and a 97 850r!