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  1. Hi yall' I'm brunk off my a$$ Ok. I' go back to I robot now. Tybe
  2. Heh heh. I'm ahead of you. I'm #54 and your #55 How about we have a 2 meg box for anyone over 1k posts? Still would be only about 50 people eligble for that.
  3. I used to think that it should be 18. Like smoking, military, etc. But once I got a little older, I began to look back and see how immature I was back then. However, I know that it's more accepted overseas, and they don't have a large problem like the US does, so maybe lowering the age might work. Takes away the fun of breaking the law. How about anyone who wants to drink under 21 has to join the military? That way they make you grow up, the nation gets your service, and you can drink :P
  4. Same thing I was thinking. Seems like I've seen this before