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  1. ^^ Those 2 DVD players list for about $3000 each!! And they're not very secure on that little ass table.
  2. Apples to apples? You've got an 18T, and an S60R exhaust manifold. Not I. Care to share a pic of your 3" intake? So your car didn't sell on Craiglist, huh? Should've posted it on here, may have gotten a bite.
  3. LOL... Smoke show = (sometimes) Connecting rod that looks like a taco = (always) Boost that high in 1st doesn't do damage? (I'm nervous, obviously. And like parentheses.)
  4. Hm. <scratches head> Even with Rica, I should override the BCS? I thought it would be best to have the ECU control it to avoid 16-17 psi in 1st gear... by the way, no A/F gauge here...yet.
  5. Joe, you sure it's 3.1 and not 3.3? I'm certain there isn't a gauge that is super accurate, but in reality, I really was looking for a range. Since it came up, what a perfect opportunity to ask. If I have mine set around 7psi, I get crazy boost spikes up to 21psi in between shifts (auto). The ECU catches it, but it feels like I lose performance (maybe timing pull) while it gets the boost back under control. The 21psi part is what scares me. Any higher and I think I'll start having palpitations. Meh...what I really need is to get this thing tuned.
  6. In the IPD instructions, it states that the stock setting is 1-3psi (If I Recall Correctly) and they recommend setting it to 5-7psi. Which would you (all) consider the "best setting"?
  7. Yes, momentarily, until the ECU backs it down. At least that's how I understand it. edit: anal about punctuation.
  8. I'm in . Sending email now. Thanks, and glad to see you around.
  9. Sorry to hear of the damage. Makes me think of a line I heard from a comic: "They say, if life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But what if you were in a VD clinic? Then life didn't exactly give you lemons." Anyhow, I'm sure you'll bounce back and make it even better. I've always thought highly of your car & taste. Regarding the insurance, my Tahoe was smashed in the front end and I had $500 aftermarket HID's on it which needed to be replaced. I have Allstate, and they said that they would cover up to $1000 (per incident) of aftermarket parts that weren't part of the standard policy. They do have additional coverage for aftermarket parts that you can add to the standard policy, which I do not have. I had no problem getting the HID's replaced since I had the original receipt. Hope that's a silver lining in your cloud. Keep ya head up.
  10. Great job on the calendars, they look really good!
  11. Awesome. It looks like everyone's coming. That's BA.
  12. Sorry to hear about your car, Art. That really sucks. Looks like we may have a chance of rain. If it does start raining, we'll probably move the party to the Streets Of Woodfield parking garage, as long as there's space. I figure if we're up where no one is parking, then we should be fine. I hope.
  13. Sure you can come. But you'll have to properly define at least one effective way of searching on VS in order to stay. :P
  14. This is the whole reason for this meet. We're going to try to wrap up the details at this meet. The link in my sig is for this thread, sorry. I'm going to adjust my sig now. Check out this thread. Kind of sums it up. Seeing as you're from MI, I wouldn't expect you to come to the meet this weekend, but don't worry, if you want in, you can get in, but you'll be at the mercy of our planning!
  15. Hopefully we can help provide for a good birfday present... Trav- must have not visited Lower Wacker Drive... Everyone else: please post if you're coming so I know what to expect. Thanks!
  16. Sorry for the quick notice, but we need to meet in person to discuss the Rica day, as discussing it over the thread is going much to slowly for my (and a few others') needs. And the longer we wait, the farther out it will be. Anyone else is more than welcome, as I'm sure we'll be shooting the shiz and what not. We may even go grab lunch at the nearby Hooters. We really need all the guys involved/interested in the Rica thing to show up. I would like for us to be close to finished as far as planning goes by the end of this meet. I'll also try to see if we can get John on the phone during the meet. When: Sunday 6/25, Noon 'til ??? Where: Busse Woods Forest Preserve...go to the entrance closest to 53 on Higgins Rd. Stay on the entrance road until you see us. Joe: Saturday ended up not working for me. Sorry, bro. I left you a message Monday... As a reminder, the list of playa's: 1- Me 2- Art 3- Art's dad 4- Joe 5- Justus 6- Madhatter C70 7- RS7 Possibles: 1- Zoey 2- Joe Essaye (from FL!) <he is excused from this meet for obvious reasons :)