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  1. no access to the message feature =(
  2. more or trying to find that ECU compatability chart that was up here a couple weeks ago.
  3. i put in new front fender well liners, and i haven't felt this satisfied with work done to my car in a while. :D
  4. oh this tension is thick...i mentioned the R bumper right...oh ya i did
  5. fixed the bumper support im just waiting for my R bumper...i need those damn wheel well splash guard liner things <_<
  6. i didn't do anything TO my car today but i ordered an R bumper FOR it... $350 painted and shipped to cali...very nice
  7. undersexed testosterone crazed creepy dudes and their effect on the coincidential hmmmmmm.
  8. USN seabee. never been a better time to join :lol:
  9. i'm glad you see my point :lol: