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    Ask me about my friend's cars. They have REAL HP.

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    Track events in NASA/ProAutoSports and dumping money into old Vulva. And forgive the VS mod on here that added the comment above. He just turned 5.

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  1. Yes thankyou! Thats twice in a week Ive done that?? These 850s and S70s are old now and not worth anything anymore. Even my S70 would be 15 years old. But I still love the build quality of the old ones!
  2. Yeah a a few hrs on a dyno and being able to change whats needed while you stand there would be the best bet. Or are you going to wait till the VEMS goes in?
  3. There's quite a few up here in Canada, so it wont be hard to find. http://www.autotrader.ca/a/Volvo/S60/NEWMARKET/Ontario/5_15728642_ON20080204113427062/?showcpo=ShowCPO 60K in miles http://www.autotrader.ca/a/Volvo/S60/NEWMARKET/Ontario/5_15751425_ON20080219170250766/?showcpo=ShowCPO The second one is also very close to where I live and the KM are very about - 75K in miles.
  4. Engine popped again! I had the car for years, and enough was enough as it was always a problem car no matter what I did. I had very bad luck with this car always and thats being compared to many cars I have had tuned over the years. My wife also hated the car and wanted it gone. So its gone. Im looking for an 03-06 S60 T5M next. But just a K24 - Turbo back exhaust - ARD tune - R bumper - lowered - rims and thats it. Just bolt-on parts!
  5. Good riddance!! On to the next one.
  6. This is what I did with mine, but Hussein has the easier way.
  7. Even if you dont notice anything with the bigger piping, who cares as it looks so dam good!1 Its just different than what anyone else has. It looks like fat ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD snake going over the motor :tup:
  8. On and 850 it works. On an X70 the OEM grill not so much.
  9. I wouldnt have thought that intercooler was so cheap to buy.
  10. God I love C70s! I might grab this for my backup/winter car tomorrow. 155K in miles http://hamilton.kiji...?AdId=415868296