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  1. I think it's the shifter itself since I used have to hit it down for it to lock in place. Everything else works as it should. I think in full honesty it's the button on the shifter not catching right. As the car is coming out of a 10 year hibernation I'm just trying to ensure it's all in decent working order.
  2. Wondered if anyone out there has a good/working auto shifter for an 850. Wouldn't mind a wood one but would settle for a standard gray one. The one on there right now has shifting issues. Thanks!
  3. Hi All, Looking for an under the hood liner or mat (depending on what it's actually called) as mine is all chewed up from the car being in storage. Searched online but could find the exact part number and my guess is that they are NLA from the dealer unless you pay big $$. Wondered if anyone here may have a spare or one they are getting rid of. Thanks!
  4. Looking for a set of either tan or black all weather mats for my 96 850. If you don't have the full set a driver side tan one would be perfect. Thanks!
  5. Yeah, 3g is no longer in operation and like @Ihatespeedbumps mentioned and I've gotten confirmation from my local dealership the 4g retrofits are not working out as expected. Quite a few unexpected issues.
  6. When mine went bad ended up with a drill and opened it that way (had a replacement door). That's a great video @gdog. It amazing how these little things can cause headaches.
  7. It's really isn't, but I think we can somehow change that!
  8. Well thats a bummer. Glad at least you are still here!
  9. Nahh no data logging or that super fancy stuff. I'm pretty basic and just want to turn off the service light/any check engine lights off. I'll check that one out and thank you! @RobT5M
  10. Just wondering if anyone has any leads on an ELM327 dongle, I saw a few on ebay and Amazon but leary of their quality. I have the app on my phone (850obd) but I have nothing to connect to it in case the car has codes or things need to be reset. This is all preparation for a massive weekend of car work since its been in hibernation for the last 10 years. Car: 96 850 Tutbo Thanks!
  11. Just getting back into modding and reviving my old 850 after a 10 year hibernation Checking to see who's still around here. 😀 I'm up in the twin cities area in MN.
  12. Black s80 with a slight ding on the drivers side front fender, Edina Mn near bush lake road.
  13. Happy birthday to me!