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  1. Black s80 with a slight ding on the drivers side front fender, Edina Mn near bush lake road.
  2. Happy birthday to me!

  3. My only question on the change is what kind of privacy policy/info sharing will there be with the new system and all of the new information gathered? I'm going to miss the old for sale section. :(
  4. If it's possible that would be awesome :)
  5. mrtl321

    Nato rounds

    7.62, .308, .50 cal
  6. Hmmm..... Buy my stuff!

  7. Seems like every time he shows up someone looses an election. NY Times Election results:
  8. Idag är min födelsedag! (Today is my birthday.)
  9. The update looks really good
  10. Hardly any what so ever in JY's around here. <_<
  11. Eh, I'm not too confident in Geely's saftey