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  1. I'm looking for a passenger airbag for my 1996 850. Was wondering if anyone had one laying around. I was able to find someone parting a car in Illnois and they have one, but are unable ship the airbag. I know, kind of random request but let me know whatcha got.
  2. Howdy there! Glad to have uou here
  3. Black s80 with a slight ding on the drivers side front fender, Edina Mn near bush lake road.
  4. Happy birthday to me!

  5. My only question on the change is what kind of privacy policy/info sharing will there be with the new system and all of the new information gathered? I'm going to miss the old for sale section. :(
  6. If it's possible that would be awesome :)
  7. mrtl321

    Nato rounds

    7.62, .308, .50 cal
  8. Hmmm..... Buy my stuff!

  9. Seems like every time he shows up someone looses an election. NY Times Election results:
  10. Idag är min födelsedag! (Today is my birthday.)
  11. The update looks really good
  12. Hardly any what so ever in JY's around here. <_<
  13. Eh, I'm not too confident in Geely's saftey
  14. Being a college student up in Minnesota while he was running was quite an interesting time. Apparently he showed up to a rally at the college drunk and being his usual self. I'm glad I don't have to live up there, even though I do live in the most corrupt state in the country... take a guess where that is . Sadly I did know some people up there who voted for him, and when I asked them why they did they said "We thought he was a funny guy".
  15. Apparently the Washington Times and the New York Times who received these emails to this date have not dismissed them as being false. You may have our own opinions but that is what makes America great, so check them out for yourself. "On 20 November 2009, emails and other documents, apparently originating from with the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia. If real, these emails contain some quite surprising and even disappointing insights into what has been happening within the climate change scientific establishment. Worryingly this same group of scientists are very influential in terms of economic and social policy formation around the subject of climate change." Alleged CRU Emails - Searchable
  16. I guess it won't resize itself but Bigger is better, just like government.
  17. They got ya with the -1 monster but I fixed that for ya. 2000 pages, and I thought that they want green everything. How does using 2000 pages of paper help the environment?