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  1. By putting the exhaust manifold like that, Volvo decreases the horizontal dimension of the engine by 1-2" (assumption from pictures). They then have 2 more inches in the 'design' to make feasible the safety features, i.e. 2 more inches of crush zone. If I was designing cars with my engineering degree not medical devices, I'd do the same... Sorry speed. Safety wins.
  2. Actually my biggest problem right now is getting my trans fixed so I can stop having to borrow my ma's porsche to get to the golf course on a daily basis... However, my biggest concern is whether to elect the same old same old who will drive us god knows how much more in debt. Or to elect a virtual unkown with a very unpredictable outcome.. Its really a rough spot to be in.
  3. Actually Chuck, if I took into account my finances... then subtracted the 30k$ in debt the government has put me be association. Yes, I'd be in debt. Sorry that I'm just a college student and haven't started my path to riches yet. And no, the shrivalling dollar is probably why you can't get your sugar. Much as lots of people can no longer get their rice... because CHINA can't make a profit selling it here. WOW. When China can't afford to sell us RICE, we are doing something horribly wrong. Its one thing to suggest rediculous conspiracy theories about the government or our voyage to the moon, those hippie types truly are annoying. However, to disregard valid points in a discussion forum just makes you come off as closed minded.
  4. Every bit helps... I am going to take it you were joking though. But if you wanted to pay for the year that'd be 1825$. Shit, if we weren't just throwing that money away we wouldn't have to worry about any tax increases now would we...
  5. Technically, yes. Due to frivilous spending and an out of control government... W. is making the same mistakes his dad did. Why do republicans think that more debt is a good thing? The gov't collects a shitload of taxes. Is it that hard to spend within the budget? This high of a debt means that we are throwing 1.5B$ a day out the window that could be used to say... fight the war on drugs, pay our teachers more, make it so our bridges and levies don't collapse. Or to upgrade our aging sewer systems which are wreaking havic on the environment.
  6. If the national debt is increasing by 1.5B$ per day... dosen't that tell you guys we're doing something wrong. Thats 5$ per person, per day.
  7. Just wondering? How much is the country currently in debt? Has anyone seen anything that can justify us being THAT much in debt? Speaking about 60B$ for domestic projects... isn't that kinda a drop in the bucket with what we're dealing with here? And how could we possible expect to cut taxes and pay that off... Oh, this might be useful... And McCain thinks we can afford to stay there for a hundred more years?
  8. How many cars does one man need? More. Cool project man. Forged rods, going high boost on this one?
  9. Most likely, I'll go check it on the other computer next time I'm in the lab. That one is unrestricted :)
  10. Damnit matt... I'm going to have to go on VS from home? shiiiit.
  11. What can I say, my girls like it rough. Just ask Lauren. :lol:
  12. Haha, its all in good fun. I know. Just like if I brought up something about rod knock. And I meant retail, not what I paid for them. Shit, an engine for what I paid you'd TKO in like 2 minutes.
  13. .... JDM? More like DTM. Or whatever the Swiss market is, as they are Swiss made wheels. Did you know that for the cost of them you'd be able to build an engine that not even you could break? ... or well.... maybe. But seriously... MattB what are you hosting with? Cause I can't see any of them.
  14. Aw man, this was an awesome read. And thanks for the repost rob What happened to you a couple friday's ago?
  15. Deserving promotion. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. +1 for the C70 Crew.
  16. Damn, I missed out! When is the next one going to be? I really need the free freight option though. PS- Can you include some octane for me?
  17. Rode 235/35/ZR19s for my entire 1.5 hour commute while it was snowing and ~32*. Fun stuff knowing that if you need to hit your brakes that your not stopping at 70 mph. Rode 235/35/ZR19s for my entire 1.5 hour commute while it was snowing and ~32*. Fun stuff knowing that if you need to hit your brakes that your not stopping at 70 mph.
  18. Broke the stupid molding around the seat controls. Its so annoying when you gotta try to fit into a small spot, then you can only open the door a little bit to get out. This is exacerbated by the fack that the C70 doors are hella long, so you can only open it even less. Then your girlfriend is on the phone and won't leave you alone for a second so you can get out of the car with all your crap from work as well as your notebook for your f-ing rocket science class which is a major bitch because your working while taking it. Than all of a sudden what do you know? Your god damn shoe gets stuck on the stupid ass molding but you don't notice and as you semi fall out of the car so that you can make it through the 4" gap you've created so comes half the damn trim piece. Anyone know where I can get a new one of those? Do I need to replace the whole assembly?
  19. Realised that 20PSI in super cold weather is t3h baller. Feel a good amount stronger than when its warm out. Can't actually keep traction in the top of 2nd. Spinning 235s on 8.5" rims at 50mph is amazingly annoying. But it def. tosses you back alot more prior to the tracs kicking in. Oh yea, this was on my way to work. I'll keep you updated with "I drove it home from work" When I get back, lol.
  20. Yea, so I have the ECACs this weekend. So I went to practice at the range over lunch break. I've got a wicked draw/slice when it comes to my hybrid a driver... shit, I really needed to have some confidence going into this weekend. Maybe I'll have time to go tomorrow, but I just don't know... gonna be a long weekend if I gotta play with the 3iron from every tee.