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  1. Unfortunatley this won't get much media attention. It'll get buried just like things of this nature have been for quite a while. Thats the deep south for ya. I looked this up on Google news like 2 months ago, a good 8 months after the events happened and like 3 entires came up. All from advocacy groups, none from the actual media. Jon, I agree with you on what needs to happen. I just really doubt we'll see that happen. :(
  2. Meh, they are all kids. Should just get a slap on the wrist. As per the noose thing, I'm not gonna touch that w/ a 10' pole.
  3. 98 GLT is a LPT n00b. However, that might be just as bad as an N/A.
  4. Thankyou, I just spent 10 minutes laughing at this thread while at work.
  5. I wouldn't go down to Stat rape age, which is 16 in most states, btw. But I would say 19 is just about right. But then again, you can't really go wrong anywhere from 18-22. This coming from the standpoint of a 21 y.o. I suppose tastes change with age... "You know what I love about highschool chicks? I keep getting older, and they just stay the same."
  6. Having a thing for teenage girls in only natural. Do some research.
  7. yea... much more efficient position would be a lay I would think. Must've not been in the field.
  8. Think about it, everyone says oil and and vandetta. But who actually profitted the most from this war? Halaburton. Look at their profits for the last 2 years, the numbers are insane. Cheney just sits back and rolls it in. I seriously think we should've just offered Bush and Cheney 500M$ a piece not to screw up the presidency. Instead we are left with a debt 700x as large.
  9. Does anyone honestly believe that Bush is smart enough to be behind this war? This guy is a moron. If anything, the man with the real power up there is Cheney. And that... is sad.
  10. That pictar looks like its straight out of Counter Strike Source... crazy.
  11. What mountain is that? Great picture. You really like that shirt don't you.
  12. I hope that Chinese company does... you know, with the accordian cars? That way they stop killing so many people...
  13. Yes, volvo is the only thing is PAG making money. Thus, its the only thing they can sell for a decent price.
  14. 38k for the V70R when it came out was an amazing deal if you ask me... RWD would be nice, but facts are facts. GM already has a Swedish company, not sure if they would acquire another(I've always kinda grouped them together, maybe others do as well?) The Korean companies as much as I hope not, they wouldn't make the cars any worse, they would just use the Volvo technology to improve their other cars then probably resell it in 5 years. One company that I thought always needed a premier marque is Mistubishi(only big japanese company that dosen't have one), doubt they are in much of a position to make a 8B$ acquisition. I think that IF they sell, it'll go private.
  15. What does Atspeed actually do? Take care of high powered, high budget S60Rs?
  16. More detailed directions Click My Controls (Top right in light grey bar) Click Board Settings (Bottom right under options) Settings for what you view are right there, just click from yes to no and then submit changes.
  17. works This is good to know tho. Thanks.
  18. looks weird without the trim on there at all... I'm kinda undecided about it. Looks like the work is pretty well done tho.
  19. They banned pitbulls too? What the fuck is going on up there? Over judication ftmfl
  20. Since however wins will prolly already have HIDs. I'll buy the kit off you for 50$.
  21. Thats plain shitty man. I guess the moral of the story is buy a beater for while the car is in the shop, then sell the beater to pay the shop when all the work is done up to satisfaction. Great to see you getting outside the box and doing some custom work though, not many guys have the balls to actually do it. I think shaving the door handles is a great idea, I just can't bring myself to actually doing it... Hope everything works out, can't wait to see the picters.
  22. so 16 people get free supporting memberships? Most of whom are mods anyway, lol. I think its safe to say rarely anyone hits 4k posts.
  23. ... when the hell did arob come back? SHIT!! Yea, they have een saying they were going to get rid of it for the last two years. I'll believe it when they actually do it.
  24. its soooo annoying how there is no replay button and you need to reload it everytime.