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  1. Step 1 : Cut a hole in a box.... Merry Christmas!
  2. wow, that is really sad. I wonder why they all got kicked out of their own country... Maybe they should think before having another billion children.
  3. hung over from the last three nights in a row... On friday throwin' the illness Bacardi Parti. Plan on being very hung over sat at that meet...
  4. My personal favorite on a hilarious level. However... if anyone buys that they should indeed be shot.
  5. the fact of the mater is that a war over there is unwinable. The only man that could handle the region is now in our prison. The only way to govern over people that are hell bound on killing each other is through fear. If you have any other ideas, I'd love to hear them. or until one faction is completely anhilated... that hasn't happened for like you said, 2500 years. How long do you think that'll take and how many civilian lives?
  6. will this spawn a political debate about the war in iraq? ;)
  7. I too would be in. Sorry I didn't see this for a while. And a late congratulations guys!
  8. There is profiling and then there is ethnic profileing. One of them is a tool used by the smart one is a tool used by the stupid. You make up your mind which is wich. You can tell alot about a person just be looking at their physical manarisms if you know what to look for.
  9. Rod.... I am going to have a little present for you! Its making its way up from florida as we speak.
  10. I think its only fair to trick some money out of a casino after how much they take.
  11. Guess whos halloween date is pissed at him and dosen't want him to come down to Upenn on the weekend of the 28th!
  12. ... my friends father bought him a 07' Boxster S, (spoiled much)? I am not a fan of it, but then again I am not a fan of my mother Cayenne either. Probably the only porsche slower then the boxster. That thing is a monster when it comes to skidpad though right?
  13. lol, after 4 1/2 years a picnic and a drive dosen't seem to fix things too much. Especially when she can't stand the way I drive. :lol:
  14. you just wait... next round after the headers and exhaust is Walboro civinco and 800cc injectors...
  15. My ineptitude to commit to anything shall shine once more. Plus, the gf is mad at me(non-car related), need to save my money...
  16. schveet man. Track night tomorrow or next week man
  17. LMAO!!! That is amazing. One of the funniest things I have heard in a real long time. Good job!
  18. Yes, but be very careful. Really easy way to cause some major problems.
  19. Holy stuff man.... I would check your suspension and stuff too, that is a rough impact. My condolences to you and the Rim's family.
  20. You've got PM. Just let me know your PayPal address and "You've Got Cash!"