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  1. I would vote Dual exhaust. Or Shave rear handles and Lambo the front ones. Would give it a 'elongated hatch' look. I mean if your against lambo because of the ricer ish, you can't really go w/ the screens. Side Skirts would look good, but it wouldn't make too much of a difference me thinks. WPs would be sick all around, but you could do everything else on that list for the cost of them.
  2. gt3076r... I think there is one in the f/s section. Really though, 18t would be good.
  3. Def. useful.. Its possible to fumble around in the enginebay and find them all, however its much easier w/ a diagram like this. There is a small one under the hood, but its no where close to as helpful as that'll be. Just remember to put your check valves back in the proper way guys!
  4. That is a good point... my car understeers and I don't even have sways on yet. Maybe I am confusing it w/ torquesteering...
  5. ... 4500 jesus. I don't wanna know what they cost new. And yea... I could imagine them being heavy. Could you even notice the difference in that supercharged monster anyway!
  6. dude... those look amazing on the stang. Please tell me you left them on there... :fingerscrossed:
  7. noice. So I guess that means someone bought the red one?
  8. ... nice man. Those are some siiiiick cars. oh you had to sell them.... I'm so sorry. Those are 20s on the 750?
  9. :D Got my e-mail last night. Pretty quick turn around time on the e-mail by you guys! Payment should be sent soon. Is it best to do a swaybar upgrade while installing these?
  10. yea, those do apear to be different rims... I likeh! They like crazy man, those spiners as well? Oh yea... grille is cool too!
  11. hmmm... first picture no brows... second picture with brows. Multiple shoots at the same spot?
  12. that is a pretty cool looking wheel. Granted if you are gonna be putting a new wheel on w/o an airbag there are ones that are better for racing.
  13. I'll take those guages off your hands Sweet find man. On the bright side you don't really have to change your sig picture that much... just change the T5M to R and your g2g!
  14. lol... I would love to see you make 190 crank hp... would just be t3h funneh. You'll have to do the burnouts at the next meet! :tup:
  15. Shell V-Power 94 octane, ftw. However I picked up some Hess 93 for like 2.29 per last night. Rob, once you get that chip your gonna totally pwn me, I just know it... 2.70 for a gallon of gas? bleh, I haven't even seen 93 over 2.70 for a while now.
  16. Cough Cough, I would like to Still be Down...
  17. Awww man, someone is getting one hell of a deal on this one.... jeez.
  18. I can't do the 28th Going down to Upenn for Halloween parties Have a good one though, take lots of pictures! I wouldn't mind having a meet like this more often though, local ones are the kick@ss.
  19. Dude, I love your car MyNessas.... See, you picked a theme and carried it out. As long as a theme is carried through the car and everything flows together then its all good. I think the main problem w/ the red s40 is that everything is quite piecemeal. Now everyone gets flamed from time to time... even myself. Now on the whole spoiler thing, that spoiler is meant for a car with very straight lines, like an evo or a STI. To have it on a S40 would not make sense due to the fact that the S40 is a bubblie car. Much like my C70, I wouldn't put that on my car because it wouldn't look good, not because its 'rice' or that I would get flamed. In fact the flaming is half of the fun of doing something outside of the box. You get to see all the people that are too stuffed up to experiment. I plan on doing a spoiler on my car sometime in the near future... however I gaurantee it'll be low and sleek and have a good curve to it, following the lines of the car. That is all... and kidoes... be nice, we are all one big family here. Wether or not you can beat a S40 w/ your T5 is for you to find out on the track. I am sure we can all learn from each other.