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  1. lmao... how could someone possibly think that looks good?!?
  2. The public school in my town was better then the private school Which wasn't a religious one anyway... but we were better then the catholic school a town over :D
  3. yea, after taking a glance at her after work yesterday I was thinking 25 in the rear and 15 up front. Salem, How did it look w/ the 20s in the front?
  4. Well with a chip, you'll get to 133 much faster as well... I would say do a intake and exhaust prior to chipping though. Improve breathing... then turn up the boost.
  5. I will be in, I just gotta figure out what size I need. If possible I would like to wait till saturday night when my lowering springs are on to mearsure. If that is okay... :(
  6. yea, a chip will take that off it'll also raise the redline for the most part. :tup:
  7. Noice, I'll prolly get two again, and prolly the same two colours... lol. Can't wait man.
  8. I would really like if we could do the hoodie thing in time to actually wear them this winter. I know your busy and all with the car, which sucks. But if possible, that would be totally sweet. And you'd prolly get more orders as well. Awww, how sweet, that way they can wear matching shirts at the meets!
  9. yea, they should work out fine. And 125 is one hell of a price.
  10. lol, yea... the problem was it was rediculously humid out and like 100* F. It is going to come back pretty Darn hard core though.
  11. JoshV70 blew his LPT motor w/ a 18t at 21psi. Just a point of reference.
  12. It is written out in my write up in the Performance Modification section. Basically, I used a piece of paper, a sharpie some blue painters tape, a 4 ft. long level and an exacto knife. It is just thin plastic, so you can be really careful and get it to come out quite accuratley. Dosen't take that much effort to get it to cut w/ a sharp knife. No, no it doesn't... and your now dead to me. just playin. I don't really see it, but to each his/her own. All in all, this car is not going to look like any other volvo when I am done with it. :ph34r:
  13. I can feel a slight difference. Its deffinatley a difference, its not like hella dramatic though. Will have to get her on the dyno at that EPL meet(if it happens) also George at ViVa will most likely be helping me out with some other stuff, so that I can really feel a difference !!
  14. Thanks guys. There is little to no drone in the dreaded 20-2800 RPM range either. Unless I have the window open and am in the left hand lane, then it sometimes bounces off the concrete center median and back into the cabin. But w/ the radio on, its not that loud unless I am really tearing on it.
  15. Now my digital camera is MIA. It isn't that good anyway though... so I used my phone. Bare with me for a second while I kill a couple kittens. I will get some better shots at the KoP meet this coming saturday. The pipes are infact level, its just the spot that I am in is slanting to the left. Its a full turbo back system. I have a writeup on the arduous journey in the Performance Mods section.
  16. I think we are waiting on a price still... ? God, I need to get my car tinted w/ front window strip so that this'll look schveet.
  17. Bertones are super sweet if you can get one in good shape go for it man. Swededish car built by an italian company sold in the US... gotta love it. And it also be mad pimpin' too!
  18. :wink: as soon as I can figure out the whole bbk thingers, I be comin' to yalls cjs.
  19. okay, so you buy a set from ipd for the front and a set from cj for the back... gotcha! ;)
  20. so the brackets that IPD sells are just for the rears on the P1 cars, or can they be used both in the front and the back?
  21. so 16" steels don't clear the 302s? I have 16" steels and haven't had problems. I guess my car didn't come w/ the 302s..?
  22. A cheaper solution to that problem would be to get a member that already has a 3" downpipe to mail him yours for a week or so so you can mock one up. Possible a member whos car is not going to be running for a while... (Josh) Pat that really sucks man. I hope that everything works out for you. If you are going to be selling parts though, I would be more then happy to at least try and help. :)