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  1. Kinda interested in these... 'ways'. LoL. I would buy them, just need to figure out how to have my dad not figure out I got new brakes. And the whole winter tire thing.
  2. The search continues. Best of luck with everything man, I am sure it'll all work out for ya.
  3. please tell me you have both CF eyebrows... I know I saw one there. If they are for sale....
  4. really sorry to hear that man. Only place to go from here is up right? Just try to keep the glass half full man. Are you going to be parting it out, or fixing it?
  5. Fixed Ryan, how far are you away from Charleston?
  6. Handle - Name (colour) ToxicLemonade - Ryan JHEIII874T5M - Joeseph The Underlord - Kevin JMK33 NChoy - Nick (Gray) ViperVette - Tom (Grey) CAKES855 - Kyle (Grey) looks like 7 people to me... hopefully he will get back to us soon, maybe send him another e-mail saying there are at least 7 people interested?
  7. how are those rims at being dent resistant? I really wanna stay at the 18" level, but hoboken is just horrible for the Heicos... I feel bad driving them around here. Also, why do you only have the antera caps on two of the wheels?
  8. anyone else gonna get a chrome one? nah just kiding, I will take a grey one. Fo' Shezzy.
  9. have you done that already? I was thinking about doing it... i know kev had some made.
  10. Hope everything pans out well with your health! I should be in... depending on timing. However I am dredfully unreliable, so don't count me in just yet.
  11. any chance on getting strut bars in on this too? Also, I remember Jeremy and you tossing the idea of a C70 Rear brace, anything actually gonna happen with that?
  12. I want it toooo! But I don't get a paycheck for another two weeks.... :(
  13. wider track = the hotness. How much would you want for the other set?
  14. are you positive that these are the same exact one? if so, I really gotta think about these.
  15. I didn't get an e-mail... Also, its really easy to post pictures. Also very easy to sell stuff w/ pictures.
  16. all mods are gonna have more then 500 posts. Just a FYI. Can you send me pictures? Thanks a bunch.
  17. lol... isn't it like 9 PM over there?
  18. FYI, you should probably tell people the truth, so they don't get the idea they can run 245s up front. Unless you have a C70 with some mystical front wheel wells there is no way you don't rub w/ them... I don't mean to be a hotdog, but I don't want people to get pissed when they put 245s on and end up rubbing. Also, do you have any close up pictures of the rims? They look nice, was wondering what the 245s looked like on a 7.5" rim anyway. Were these by any chance the rims that Dan was selling? Guy with a 05' V70R?
  19. First off looks really nice, Second off as you prolly aready know, a 245 is gonna rub up front, before full lock. I know that my 225s rub up front at full lock. I am not even sure how you fit 245s on a 7.5" wide rim. I have a 8" wide, and the 225s fit nicely.
  20. I like the sounds of that... GKTuning! I was just thinking someone should move into this void with a product. A cheap'ish coilover would be a sweet solution.
  21. Def. would be. LOLerblades at the thought of fronting like 1000$ for t-shirts.