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  1. hey look, volvospeed is on

  2. I need some wireless/bluetooth surround sound noise-cancelling headphones that we can use for music, tv, gaming, blah blah. I want one with a mic but only if I can somehow also use it to yak on the phone. Otherwise my son will have to get over that part. Any suggestions?? Thanks

  3. anyone want to buy my one week old Verizon Droid X?....also have have the media dock, HDMI cable, and three seidio cases. Perfect shape, just switched service providers.

  4. why are girls such a pain in my ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD?

  5. this new blackberry pearl. someone shoot me now.

  6. Daddy don't live in that New York City no more, no.

  7. Is loving her new Droid...boyyyy

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    2. Chilled man

      Chilled man

      We should change your name to


    3. Fake-R


      Justin, wtf? haha

    4. weekendwarrior


      how is this crackheads rep neutral?!

  8. has had an epiphany...!

  9. Thanks all her friends for their kindness and support :)

  10. just received yet another truly sad chat log where her soon-to-be-ex impersonated her to one of her friends on facebook...

  11. doesn't understand the depth of some people's cruelty

  12. Says hello to everyone. My facebook was the victim of my overzealous, scorned, estranged husband. Any messages received from me between July 9th and tonight were written by Neil and not me. Sad sad state of affairs. Can't wait to hear what took place in my absence.

  13. wants to be executed by firing squad

  14. I has A/C!... Look at my hair blowing!!!!

    1. mune237


      silly girl...roll up your window

  15. could build a homeless shelter out of all the bills/mail/miscellaneous paperwork she is looking at right now....

  16. saw that Donald Fagen is coming to town and was totally jacked until she read he'll be performing the show with Michael McDonald...WTF? Michael McDonald? Really? 'Taking it to the streets...'. dumb with a capital dumb.

    1. Kevin.


      Doobie Brothers FTW!