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  1. Great to see you're back at with a renewed motivation... Can't wait to see how things turn out on this go around. Good Luck with everything!!!
  2. Good Luck with the V70R, I am going to enjoy seeing you put your own personal twist onto this one!!!
  3. Excellent progress made... Cant wait to hear your driving impressions once this project is up and running... Your transmission might be ok, its torque that kills transmissions, and typically as you move up in turbo size your overall torque curve might be better with the larger turbo, but the turbo peaks with the smaller turbo will be greater... that was at least my experience on my previous 850 Platinum, I went from: 15G auto (stock) Tune 19T and supporting mods, and the auto eventually started slipping Swapped to manual, and kept it as a 19T for another year, but eventually moved up to a 20g again with a ton of supporting mods, and noticed that the torque wasn't as abrupt and severe as it had been with the 19T, might have been even less peak torque value, as I was running less boost with the 20g than I was with the 19T. I couldnt get the 20G to effectively run anything greater than 20psi on my setup, yet I recall my tune for the 19T was setup for 21-22psi, which I believe yielded a higher peak torque value, but was no where capable of sustaining the same area under the curve... Moved up again to a Garrett 57trim stage 3, with more supporting mods, big boy intake, etc... and again it seemed that the torque smoothed out even more with the larger turbo, and I'm sure the intake changed the engine dynamics as well... So if your current 320WHP out of a 19T (what was torque by the way???) setup hasn't killed your trans I suspect the new bigger turbo will be easier on your engine and trans... That's just my theory...
  4. Great work on everything!!! As for the Throttle Body Cover.... So simple, yet such a huge improvement... You should think of setting up a group buy, for those... I would be in for one...
  5. H, sorry to hear about this... And I wish you the best of luck in all your future pursuits... I completely understand, as I had my own frustrations with my own project, even though I was never as truly invested as you were with your XR. This is truly a sad day for volvospeed, and the entire Volvo community...
  6. Applause!!! And more Applause!!! Great job H!!! Clean install on the latches!!! Coming along nicely, I see...
  7. Awesome!!! Here's to better luck with this one (clutch, turbo...)
  8. H... sorry to hear about your on going issues.... Clutch, wheel hop, turbo, radiator... I truly admire your persistance and determination... I'm sure you'll have it all squared away in no time... as for the issues you've been having with your flywheel, would it have been any wiser to see if you could have sourced the special flywheel (DM to SM) in conjunction with a clutch that is suitable for your applicaton, vs trying to source everything separetly??? Maybe see if Kalmar has any options for a clutch in your anticipate power range??? oh and a belated congrats on the amazing numbers... not too shabby...
  9. In regards to the bolded statement from above... I was getting to a point where I was pretty happy with the setup I had with my Volvo being my summer time DD, and the Acura TSX (my other car), is what I would mainly drive in the winters, and when we have shitty weather during the summer, or when I feel like driving something that is at least economical on gas... 700kms (400+miles) to a tank with the TSX vs 450kms (280miles) with the Volvo, I know I know, it comparing apples and oranges. The thing is whenever I drive my TSX for any amount of time, I actually really miss my Volvo, and cant wait to drive it... till yesterday.... I took my father in law out to test drive some cars, and naturally being the last of the good weather days I took my Volvo, and we were looking at Range Rover Evoque and Volvo XC60. I drove and picked him up, and then drove to the Range Rover/ Land Rover dealership, so far so good, I enjoyed my volvo like I always do. We took an Evoque and and LR2, the Evoque was beautiful and a great ride, the LR2, was a big pile... We were at that dealership for about 1.5hrs. Get back in the Volvo and drive out to the Volvo dealership. This drive wasn't as enjoyable, something about having to talk to an older guy (father in law is in his late 50's) and you could tell the louder than stock exhaust was starting to annoy him, and slowly me, as I was straining to hear him, as he's not a loud guy... We spent over 2hrs at the Volvo dealership, and the XC60, may not have been as flashy but it more than helds it own, actually the ride was so enjoyable that got me wondering, do I really need two cars, one to have fun in and one for the practical days??? couldn't a new S60 satisfy both? 325BHP, and 350+TQ along with bettter fuel economy than the Volvo, not quite as good as Acura, but like most things in life its compromise... I actually started thinking of doing a complete sweep, by trading in both my cars for the new S60, and trade in my wifes car (Acura RDX) for the new XC60... Anyways I leave the Volvo dealership, and the drive back to drop off my father in law, wasn't enjoyable at all. I figured, just wait till I drop him off and I can turn my music up, and just punch it in 2nd or 3rd that will erase any worries, and sadly it didn't... My kids who are about 4 and 5 think my volvo is a blast, a part of me cant wait till they are older where they can articulate their thoughts a bit more, and another part of me dreads that day, as one of them may give me the same kind of response, as what you got above from your daughter... I know my wife has always hated it, so that I'm used to that, but the kids well that would start making the volvo justifiable a little tougher to do... The drive today was mor enjoyable, but I can't deny I still have an itch... Maybe its because I have run out of projects to do on the Volvo... Hussein, I think I just discovered your obsession with constantly changing and tweeking things on yoru ride... So for rambling... Either way I'm glad you got the FPR issues resolved, as JCViggen had pointed out, the larger volume shouldn't affect pressure, it may affect the response time as your rising rate pressure regulator changes from vacuum to atmosphere to boost, but realistically with the total volume that your fuel rail would have, again that isn't likely either, you would need a massive volume for that even to be a factor... good luck with getting VEMS on there and getting this thing on a dyno and then later on, down the track...
  10. Great work on the upgrades... Its too bad you didn't go with a black wall plug in (on the righ hand side below your amp). You can bull that off and try and tape it off, in a way, and use this stuff, they have a charcoal gray, and medium gray which is pretty close match to our interior, and this stuff actually holds up over time, you'll have to see which one works better for you...
  11. I am in awe at your rate of progress... As always, great work and glad to see it back on the road... I cant wait till you have that clutch broken in, and then we can see what this beast is really capable of...
  12. Hey H, looks like you're making great progress... Hope the install on Saturday goes smoothly, good luck and keep us posted.
  13. Nah... He's just a show off When amateur's attempt, this is what happens...
  14. The grille just gives it that look, where it's aggressive yet very well put together...