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  1. Looking great on Android 2.1
  2. run a line from your compressor to the bottom port on the Greddy and you will get a slightly faster response time.
  3. GeraldJ

    Nato rounds

    5.7, is a NATO round now? 5.56 aka .223rem 7.62 aka .308win
  4. GeraldJ

    Nato rounds

    the 5.7 is a NATO round now?
  5. GeraldJ

    5.7x28 and.....

    its hard telling from that angle. 45gap? 45acp?
  6. this is the same thing And most GM AIT sensors are the same thing. They operate on a range or -40 - 300*F and I am not sure of the signal.
  7. I sold all my gauges and bought the Zeitronix system. I figured it was the best way to go and not have 6 gauges in the car. Shop around and they are easy to find cheap. Seems people buy them and run scared when they see the wiring for them, when really its simple. I picked mine up new in the box for $225 shipped of craigslist. It came with the ZT-2 and the lcd display along with the egt probe and a map sensor. The only problem was that the map was a 3 bar and the Zeitronix doesnt have scaling for the 3 bar, only 3.5, 5 and 10. So I ordered a 5 bar from an ebay vendor for $60 shipped.
  8. A lot of measuring and trusting the grinder himself. I told him to shoot for more mid range tq and top end. Lets face it, its a street car and I use 3-5k rpm more than I use 1-3 or 5-7. If I remember right it came out to 10.5mm of lift and 270* duration intake and 10mm x 270*. Ill get back with the grinder and see what it was exactly.
  9. Im using the stock turbo exhaust cam and the NA intake cam and cam gear. Its only temparary till my custom cams are done. Then I will just use the turbo cam gears. But until then i would like to have the timing right. :D
  10. So it would "behove" someone to use the turbo cam gears? I am using the NA intake cam and the turbo exhaust set at 4-4. So my intake is closer to 0 or -1? On the intake temp sensors try this website, My link I am going to be using this sensor, My link, scroll down to the air temp sensor. I am going to have a bung in the cold side, hot side and the intake. I cant monitor all at the same time, but I will be able to move the sensor from one to the other for different pulls. Im also using the Zeitronix zt-2 system
  11. Ill be working on an extra cold side pipe this week. My cold side is pretty much just a straight piece of 2.5" with a BOV fitting and the IAC, about 16" long. I should be able to take an extra piece of 2.75 and weld a machined plate into it that will hold the MAF sensor. I have an extra, so if it gets oil coated or fails for some reason I can just switch it back pretty easy. As far as oil in the pipes go. I am installing a catch can in the PCV this week and going to try to vent it to air before plumbing it back into the intake. It will have a vac line with check valve pulling vac on the can. Ill try to do a write up and take a lot of pics. As far as if the blow through will work or not with my tune. I do not see why it wouldnt, its the same amount of air just colder. Measuring the colder air will give me more timing if the ecu is pulling timing. I havent had a problem with the turbo pushing oil through the seals. My charge pipe is only about 30 inches over all, so its easy to keep an eye on.
  12. So I have been looking into this MAF problem. I dont think this would change much but it is a good idea, My link Has anyone thought about this yet, or tried it?