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  1. Not to be a dick, but you're spray painted tail lights, wheels, and (I hope not) calipers aren't really helping out the volvo scene, just as he is not helping out the honda scene. Hondas are pretty reliable if they haven't been beat on by a 16-18 year old kid that put a fart cannon on it.
  2. What's that recliner got in it?
  3. Cleveland is that, Cleveland is the, Cleveland is the reason I'm cool.
  4. Coming from the dude who (I'll guess) has stock suspension because the roads around him are "too bad," and who has never been to Japan to even be able to comment on the native enthusiast's suspension of choice. Get real d00d. I've made my own coilovers (850's), and I've bagged a car from scratch ('75 mb 240d).. Please gain some more experience before you start fights with people over something so trivial as which suspension is best for stance, which you also do not have.
  5. Hopefully I'll see this at H2o if my boss gives me off on Friday/Saturday...
  6. This car is so awesome dude. I love it :wub:
  7. righteous profile picture

  8. So much want, so little time/money. Story of my life thus far :lol:
  9. i have an oil-pump for you

  10. I will ship cluster in the morning and send you a tracking #.

  11. cluster is from a 1998 S70 NA

  12. Exact mileage is 132,765 from a 1998 S70 NA. my paypal is shipping will be around $15 max