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  1. AnthonyR

    SRX Crash

    Pictures of the SRX after hitting an F550 head on @60mph
  2. ... followed by a most-excellent response ... :)

  3. ? how's about a response ?

  4. How to tint your tail lights. (A big thanks to Slater for this writeup) Here's the "big secret". Have fun! That site says to sand off the DOT stuff - I never have. Just clean them real good with dawn, since it removes car wax and grease. Take a toothbrush and get in the crevices and the little DOT stamps and such. Once everyting is clean, dry well. Next get some scorthbrite at the hardware store. I think the green SB. Nothing too abrasive. You just want to scuff the finish up slightly. It doesn't have to be perfect - don't sand the hell out of it. Just enough to take the gloss off. Do it
  5. aha! I think you got it Joe :lol:
  6. Got a specific list of changes?
  7. yeah, yeah, still though, I download a TON of divx/xvid files. Like at least 2 or 3 a day (I think I'm in the neighborhood of 400gigs worth) and that is the very first one I've ever seen with a .divx extension. They are ALWAYS .avi
  8. Well, the recaros look like they would hold you in the seat better. But the leather looks like it would be more comfortable and it just looks nicer. But that leather looks pretty smooth, I could see some sliding/shifting action goin on.
  9. lol chuck and your linux. You should rename it .avi as that's what a divx file is.
  10. Might have to take you up on that sometime Chuck :D
  11. lol, I am sure it will be faster all around.
  12. That would be sweet. All the dealer I work at has is an 05 S80
  13. OK, there were way too many stickies in this forum so I cleaned them up a bit. This is a list of all the previously pinned topics. 850 Stereo Systems Demystified! All Years 850 Stereo System Specs 850 Speaker Sizes What worked for you 70 Series Speaker Sizes What worked for you Antenna Switch Write Up Volvo OEM S90 Switch w/ Pioneer HU how to bypass motion detector on DVD screen HU's Pic Tutorial Of Hu Install In 850 New! A Simple Guide To Stopping Rattles In Your Car Factory 6 pin DIN to RCA pre-outs. Pic Tutorial Of 850 Sub/amp Install By Anthonyr Tweeter Upgrade For 2005+ S40s, W
  14. post whore filter is 30sec or 1000 per day, whatever is less.