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  1. Interesting observation. I've been trying to decrease the 'hang' when shifting and I think Tightmopedman9's post about the timing for automatics fixed it. Decreasing the RPM for the IAC helped a little, but when I zeroed out both the 'timing retard on automatic transmission gear shift' and 'maximum time for timing retard on gear engagement' the hang is maybe a few tenths of a second and drops quickly. I'm thinking the slight 'hang' is due to my DMF. Can anybody else confirm that changing the two timing retard maps decreases the manual RPM 'hang' during shifting?
  2. once you have the ME7 NA manifold on, could you post up a comparison between that and the custom one you made? Theory says that the custom one should flow better up top but lose some low-end grunt, with the opposite holding true on the ME7 NA. I'm interested to see if that theory holds true on our engines in someway that the but-dyno can notice.
  3. public announcement from geely: "We want to be careful not to damage the Volvo brand," says Mr Shen, a US-educated former China head of Fiat's engine development and manufacturing unit, Fiat Powertrain Technologies. "We don't want the image of a luxury car made in a third world country [where labour is cheap]. We want the image of a European luxury car, albeit owned by a Chinese owner." The deal is expected to be signed before China's lunar new year holiday begins on February 14. If they keep to their word I have some hope that the new volvo's will go back to how volvo used to be, and move further towards an actual competitor to audi/bmw. The full article: