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  1. People that want to kill are going to kill, for some reason here they're picking guns to do it. We have a problem with society and violence in general and people are fixating on the tool used to do it. I could be wrong, but if you take what is perceived as the easiest tool out of the equation they'll move on to the second easiest. So, we ban rifles and people start using pistols instead. Ban those and then we're back to bombs and cars. Of course we go back to laws, which only the law-abiding actually go by so at that point the only people with guns will be the ones that have zero intentions of obeying any laws. I'd rather use a car if I wanted to take out a crowd just out of ease and laziness. If I were to pick a gun I surely wouldn't use any sort of rifle. Lugging a rifle around with a bunch of loaded magazines is a pain in the ass and way too obvious, probably even moreso for these 140lb kids doing this stuff. Not being a conspiracy guy here...but I've always wondered how these guys that are 5'6" and all of a 140# are able to just waltz right into a school with a loaded rifle and a handful of loaded magazines and seemingly go unnoticed until they start.
  2. Finally sold the 919 on Monday. I put all of 400 or so miles on it last year and really wasn't into it. Picked up a new Polaris 570 touring in January, I've only ridden it once and put all of 3 hours on it but I really like it. The snow is finally melting up north so I might be able to get up there soon and ride it on proper trails. My one son just turned 12 yesterday so he's finally legal to trail ride, I rebuilt his Arctic Cat 90 last summer, changed the clutches and went smaller on the rear sprocket just for that. My nephew can ride my 400 when we go.
  3. Finished up my kid's 90cc Arctic cat last night. He was bitching that it wasn't running right and I figured out why after I checked the compression and found it only had 75psi. It was never exactly quick to begin with as the clutch setup and compression is kinda shitty out of the box. He has the skill for more power but not the size for a bigger machine. New oversize (3mm) piston, rings, etc. It's now bored out to 98cc. Had the head milled down .045, changed the roller weights and springs in the trans to increase the stall speed. It's now at 115psi and you can actually wheelie it now. Runs awesome, but I have an extra head that I'm going to shave down .06 and see what happens. You can change the entire top end on one of these in under an hour, so it isn't hard to play with. He was happy after riding it today, I asked him if he wanted more out of it and he said it's good as it is.
  4. I picked this up earlier this summer for $200. 1994 Elite 50. All lenses broken, exhaust pipe had a hole in it and was rusty, two flat rotted tires, busted up plastics, wouldn't run right, no rear brakes, rusty wheels, broken airbox and a bunch of other busted shit on it. Some guy bought it for his young kids to ride and they trashed it. Painted the wheels, polished the plastics, replaced all the lenses, new tubes/tires, welded and painted the exhaust, replaced the brakes, new battery, cleaned the carb and replaced more nickel and dime stuff on it. Did some really crafty shit with some zip-ties since plastics for these are hard to come by, looks wonderful from a few feet away. Does an amazing 30mph. I could make it go faster but it's a moped and it does what it does.
  5. If they keep what they currently have then it's done. Those that have it aren't giving it up, so that's about it. Progressive values aren't going to win it for them, neither is the current state of the party with the daily Anti-Trump messages and zero clear message/path. The workers in the manufacturing states care about neither of those things, they care about their livelihoods. Get away from the east and west coast and lots of people aren't complaining. As of today I'd place a $10k bet on a Republican win for 2020 if the Democratic party continues on the exact same path it's on today. It doesn't matter who it is that runs on the D ticket either, the damage isn't just done, it continues to be done. That party continues to fall apart. Get rid of the old, when the new comes in they need to set a clear agenda that's radically different than what's going on now. The question do you get those people to step down and pass the torch on? I'm guessing they won't.
  6. I rode it today for about 40 miles....within 5 miles saw a real bad car/bike accident. Shit happens too much, didn't spook me but I hate seeing that. It's quick and it's fun but it's not really for me and is no fault of the bike itself. The wind had my ass kicked by the end of the ride. I just can't see riding it for more than 40-60 miles at a time, my problem with bikes like this is that I like to constantly get into the throttle and have a hard time just cruising. So, to sum it up I'm old and still like to do stupid stuff and shouldn't be. But, it does ride real nice and probably isn't hard on the body if I'd keep the speed down. What I do can get on it and it responds or you can take it easy and it still moves. It's just hard for me to keep it at 65 and stay there. I'm still going to keep it for awhile, insurance is cheap and the plate was next to nothing. I did buy a 94 Honda Elite S for $200 the other night. Not perfect and it has a flat tire, I just couldn't pass it up at that price. If my nephew keeps his shit together I'll give it to him for his 15th birthday.
  7. I'd rather have the 900 over any 600-650 but they're all good bikes with that ideal riding position...I hate leaning forward. I thought about a V-strom last year before I bought my Yamaha but wanted something with a low seat height for the kids. The problem with the Yamaha is I ride it like I would anything else, they tend not to pull over bikes in Michigan so I'm balls out on it all the time.
  8. I rode it for a few minutes and that was it, I need to get to SOS and plate it first. It's quick, but you feel the wind.
  9. Sportsmans guide. It was $30 less than atlantic with shipping. Local FFL was only $30.
  10. It's factory. I need to get it plated this week and ride it legally. The Wrangler...the only time I drive it is to go to the sand dunes or up north to go off-roading. It's alright, reliable and cheap to maintain but it's a steel box. She drives it all the time and she loves it so I guess that's good for her, probably reminds her of when she was a cheerleader or some shit like that.
  11. There's quite a few aftermarket stocks available. I just ordered a Magpul Zhukov stock, it's adjustable and the price is right.
  12. This showed up today. Guy texted me last night and came by today. I don't really need this but the crf wasn't fitting in anywhere.
  13. WASR-10. Cleaned it up real good the other night, if I have time I'll go to the range tomorrow. Not insanely expensive by any means, but seems overpriced once you take it apart and see how simple it is. The stock feels really short, like they made it exclusively for somebody with short arms.
  14. All of our ORV trails in Michigan are sand and the off-road parks are sand and pea gravel. The actual single-track MC trails up north aren't all sand but aren't family friendly at all. Aside from that they're 8 and 11, my 11 year old rides good but my 8 year old needs more time. Kid's bikes are terrible in sand and we go back to the same situation we were in when I was on a bike....I can't go slow in the sand with them. We have thousands of miles of trails but they're mostly sand. I'm just at that point in life where I've realized what I shouldn't be doing...and that's getting on yet another dirt bike. I'm comfy on my 400ex and the kids are comfy on their quads. 919 and zrx are about the same mostly. I enjoy riding my V-star but sometimes want something that hauls ass more so it would fill a void.
  15. 2005. I've never ridden one but everybody that has/had one seems to love it.
  16. I have a guy that wants to trade me his 05 Honda 919 for my CRF. He wants to ride with his kids and doesn't have time for the 919, I ride with my kids but only on my quad since they ride slow. I'm going to take him up on it since I'll rarely ride the CRF and the 919 is worth more and I can actually ride it everyday if I want. Now that our nephew lives with us I'm going to hunt down a Polaris Phoenix or something like that for him to ride.
  17. I bought two Marlin 795 22's last week for my boys, on sale for $139 each with a cheap-ass scope included so I couldn't pass it up. We went out last Saturday to the Conservation League and shot about 600 rds between the two and they had a good time. A friend joined us with his AK, AR and a couple of pistols, I took a couple of pistols and that goofy Hi-Point 995 I bought. I haven't had any issues with it after 1000 rds and it's pretty accurate to 75yds. Last year at this time there was ZERO .22 ammo available, now the shelves are full everywhere I go.
  18. That's exactly what I was talking about when I say they got it wrong. Unemployment and food stamps have always been a given, we're talking about a guy that had a good job WITH health insurance. He doesn't want Obamacare. I'm talking about the push for equality, immigration, etc. That's all great stuff but does nothing to better the situation of why this guy no longer has that job and when his situation sucks he really doesn't give a shit about that stuff and that's the last thing he wants to hear about. When he's making $14/hr when he once made $30 that stuff means nothing to him. Nobody from that side came into the Midwest and said "we're going to improve this and bring your jobs back". NAFTA is still a dirty word around here and they couldn't shake that, at the same time that wasn't addressed by her, at least properly. Shit like that is regional. What goes on the west coast is completely different in other areas. That was ignored or at the minimum not addressed properly. You are 100% correct about the point on polarization and people having the tribal mindset. Having a team mentality does zero for a given individual yet they go for it anyway. I'm not liberal by definition and don't consider myself that, but my actions (charity, community service, etc) would say I am, while many people who identify as liberal are only that way in mindset while actually doing nothing of the sort. Shit sure is strange.
  19. Really? It's the same shit that's been going on for decades and he's following party lines with his appointments. If Hillary were in the same position her appointments would follow her party lines, nothing unusual is going on and for the most part, half of the general population isn't going to like who is appointed. That goes back to what I originally said, life goes on after any election. As far as his buffoonery goes I could care less. For every action there's an equal and opposite reaction, the Democratic party let the progressives go a little too far, forgot about labor and a lot of the population didn't go for it. When you have Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania turn red it isn't time to get pissed at the Republican candidate, it's time to look within the party to see what the hell went wrong to lose those states that were always blue. That's the reason I find all the whining so entertaining, everybody whines but nobody questions what the democratic party did wrong. Progressive values mean nothing to the guy in the Midwest that once had a nice middle class living and now has nothing. That's one of the ways they fucked it up, not every democrat is necessarily left leaning and they completely ignored that fact. I've been union for 20 years along with a lot of people in this part of the country, for the first time ever a lot of unions declined to endorse the Democratic candidate this time around. That is a lot of votes and that was a shitload of votes lost, just a sliver in the scheme of things but it didn't help her cause. It's funny how the media doesn't bring little things like that up.
  20. It will go past that. Life goes on either way and always has after any election so I would say people have gone a bit overboard on the whining. It's more of a bandwagon thing now, it's fine with me as I find it entertaining.
  21. Very good points and I won't disagree, but if religion has has had that much of an effect on him where he has to bag on others that do embrace it he should joint a support group or something. If it's just a matter of feeling "duped" by it and not believing then you suck it up and move on. We've all been had in some sort of way in life but throwing time and energy at something negative in your life produces zero results. One of my best friends grew up catholic, altar boy and all that shit and is now an atheist. He generally says nothing about it other than he doesn't believe. Easy stuff. I was an altar boy for 8 years, our priest was cool as hell and church was about the best place to pull tail. When you're young the biggest obstacle to getting laid is the parents, when they see you at church you automatically get a pass. I got a lot of tail by participating in mass.
  22. 1. He's bored and doesn't have shit going on. 2. His second issue is multi-faceted. He hasn't figured out that religion belongs to any given individual and should be respected as such...key word being respect. The reason for that is whether he wants to see it or not, he's about as far left and intolerant as they come, as a group they recognize individuality and diversity provided it falls in line with what they believe in and religion generally isn't one of those things. He's caught in that vicious circle fed by the constant shit he reads online and the people he surrounds himself with. If I were to bag on anybody about their religious beliefs I would expect to get my ass kicked, but I was also brought up in that magical place where we were taught to respect others regardless of their beliefs. I think that makes me more liberal than Kevin..
  23. The only appointment he's made so far that blows me away is Betsy DeVos for secretary of education. She's had her hands on the charter school scene here in Michigan with shit results, that's aside from her and her husband just being assholes in general.
  24. Are you fucking kidding me? Turn the Facebook off and man up. Where are you going to move to? The Middle East? Mexico? Canada doesn't want you, just so you know. Food for thought..American politics have been fairly steady for a long time and this is where I'm going to veer way off track. We see young people protesting all over the country right now because somebody lost...guess what? Somebody always loses but I haven't seen people out tearing shit up like this in my lifetime over an election. This is where you ask yourself the question, is your generation getting played by the media and those controlling it? Do they not have the ability to think critically and therefore believe everything they read online and then run with it? I'm seeing coverage of 18-25 year old white kids that say they "are scared". What the fuck are they scared of? They haven't seen a fucking thing in their short lily-white existence and now they're scared of an old white man. I've taken my kids through the shittiest parts of the city to check out the girls tricking for heroin and they could care less, and here we have our precious millennials shedding tears over an election. They haven't seen or experienced shit in their lifetimes yet act like they've been through Vietnam and then killed by Casey Anthony.
  25. I won some money from it. $100 that he wouldn't take Michigan and $80 that he wouldn't win. The guy placing the $80 wager wanted to go a lot higher but I placed that months ago and I was skeptical then. I wanted to go higher on the Michigan bet but the other side wouldn't. I personally thought the spread for Michigan was going to be a lot higher than it was, I knew he was going to win but I didn't think it was going to be that close. The west side of the state really surprised me.