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  1. I'm both surprised and happy that they developed the power chip before the fuel economy chip. :lol:
  2. Me too!!! Scratch that. Immediately after I made this post I once again had access to my messages etc. :D
  3. Martynj

    Volvo S70

    Volvo S70
  4. We were thinking about publishing the results and the comments of the survey (email addresses excluded obviously). Do you think anyone that made a comment would have an objection? Your comments will potentially be seen, but no email associated so no one will know who made the comments. I think most here would be interested in seeing some of the comments and would not object to having theirs published.
  5. I've been ordering from FCP for almost 10 years as well and have nothing but a positive experience. The first couple of years it seems lie I was on the phone with nick at least once a week ordering parts for my new found(at the time) passion in volvos. Glad to hear Nick is still there as I've been ordering online for the past few years. Looking forward to a more comprehensive and user friendly website too. Welcome to the community! With that kind of access to affordable parts I hope you drive a Volvo Marty
  6. I work at a YMCA as a summer camp director and Teen program director. I get to skateboard and host punk concerts plus lots of other stuff including a bunch of admin. BS <_<
  7. Gear select micro switch (one of the more rewarding repairs I've done i a while). Replaced all of the bulbs in my radio's face plate, a la MVS ( one of the easiest repairs I've done in a while) New Winter wiper blades on both the S70 and the 240 I also broke my daytime running light switch (screw). The damn thing just pushed all the way in and broke free behind the dash. Oddly enough though, It ended up in the setting I was trying to get to. Lucky Me! Turned out to be a productive day. Marty