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  1. Oh that's right! They haven't been thinking!
  2. I don't feel safe with this Secretary of Homeland Security. Might as well call this agency, "Homeland Insecurity".
  3. I guess I'm an extremist too. :lol:
  4. My first thought was, 'Wow, the government is on auto-business now!' But then again my other thought is, 'Well, that is our tax money, fire those who can't produce!' My last thought is, 'STOP SPENDING OUR HARD-EARNED MONEY! DON'T GAMBLE OUR HARD-EARNED MONEY, GOSH!'
  5. Yes to Fox News Channel and it is now on HD, yay! Don't hate us coz we watch FNC .
  6. LOL Justin, sometimes that is how I feel when I have darn baker act patients that try to kill themselves for petty And yes for this! Darn, we don't want them to waste our tax dollars! We WORK hard to EARN them.
  7. Hat's off to them! I don't wear hat, tho
  8. Hillary Clinton's Reset Button Joe Biden's 3 letter word, J O B S, JOBS Increasing government jobs and decreasing private sector jobs ---->> OK, infrastructure jobs by Obama, yay! more jobs for illegal immigrants! LOL Socialism. We are doomed!!!
  9. Hospital. Gives their drugs and wipes them butts. How glamorous! Blah. :P
  10. HA!! you changed you VS name. :P