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  1. I believe this is a relatively simple RN motor swap. There are a number of things you will need to do, depending on whether you keep your existing accessories mounting setup, among other items. Read through this link, see if it helps, it's been. while, but I remember it being pretty straightforward. I do have one last "front motor mount" if you need one.
  2. Complete set of IPD lowering springs from my 2006 S60R. I’ve had them on for about 4 years, and they are in good to great shape. The Mrs. is tired of the ride. Pics on request, or if I get a chance, I’ll upload tomorrow. Local pickup, Southern Utah, $150.
  3. I have been running without that black stamped steel piece for about three years now. No issues. I have also been dicking around waiting to install the 20G I have had for about five years. A half a day with a welder and a chop saw, and I can put together the new DP and be on my way.
  4. We spent Christmas in Wolfsbug and Rotterdam. It was warmer in Europe than in the bay area during that time. I am glad we missed the cold spell at the Autostadt. Two years ago, we couldn't keep warm watching our daughter skating in the outdoor shows there. We had a sweet V70 T4 Inscription rental and enjoyed time we spent driving on the awesome roads over there. My son had a Jetta TDI wagon that was no match.(unless you count economy), but the 8 of us loved every minute.
  5. Perhaps I missed it, but where did that front bumper cover come from?
  6. " Perhaps in a few years I will change my mind, however, this is my DD and I'm not going to get carried away with it like the XR, really" Someone should pin this line for future reference, it will look great next to something like... "Just used the Haldex and AWD stuff from the XR, I had to cut, weld, machine, fabricate, invent, a couple of things...... " Looks great. I wanted the Avanti wheels for my S60R but the tire shop said they wouldn't clear the calipers. Right! I ended up with the Drag DR67 which resemble those a lot.
  7. I was living in the Netherlands 1980-1982 and I think it was 1982 when Freddie Spencer won the 500cc race at Spa. Those crazy 500s were so fast on the long sections. I have always been amazed at how beautiful that track is. Thanks for the great video.
  8. Bumper cover looks great. That is the most difficult part to prep and paint well. Do you have an "Around Christmas meet"? Looks like a good time. We will be spending Christmas at the Autostadt again, then some time in Rotterdam with friends after that. Hopefully, the drive from Schipol to Wolfsburg and back will be uneventful weather wise.
  9. Front bumper covers are the worst to refinish. I ended up bead blasting the nooks and crannies last time. That worked pretty well.
  10. I can't believe how high that revs.
  11. I can't stop laughing. That is so amazing, I hope you lived through the run to tell us about it. Someone needs to get you a reality TV show.
  12. That had to be a nasty feeling when it let go, looking forward to your update.
  13. The new "60" should be a worthy replacement.