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  1. thinks you are nosey for looking here

  2. welcome... to fantasy island!!! i guess this means i should become a VS member too huh? are you planning on carrying performance parts and accessories?
  3. The whole situation sucks my friends... I read this thread about a month ago and it truly shows you that there are some real $hitbag$ out there. At the least anyone who's read this "may" have learned some valueble lessons. FWIW... the next time anyone has to deal with this kind of nonsense or if you are just taking your car in for repair or ???... carefully read and sign each and every document like you are taking your child there to get surgery... hopefully there never will BE a next time... but the next time... take an attorney... and a cop to pick up your car. You'd actually be surprised what the actual rights of the consumer are. Document EVERYTHING... take pictures... yadda yadda yadda. After being in the automotive repair business for nearly twenty three years... I'll never understand how people can do this kind of stuff... a shop and it's employee's reputations are the most valueble thing they can have. Sad. A "handshake deal" sure isn't what it used to be... is it? <_<