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  1. Was driving my mothers car down the road last night and I heard a little clunk and lost all power. Pulled off to the side of the road to see that the timing belt had snapped ):
  2. Installed charcoal map pocket on my T5...What a pain it was to remove the mounting bracket of the knee bolster!
  3. Installed R gauges to my 98 T5. Adds a great new look!
  4. Bought sconeman's intake pipe and while taking off stock pipe I realized I should change PCV system so just ordered that along with some other goodies for the guys over at IPD!
  5. I think it took around a hour, maybe a little less. My dad started it before I woke up but it wasn't bad at all. I'm sure that's not the record time by any means! :lol:
  6. Changed the Alternator on my dads 99 V70. No more whining noise! :D
  7. Installed blue LED's in the gauge as well as the trim rings
  8. Installed a Wood Grain Dash Kit in my S70 T5-M. Did glove box and climate control panel. Now looking for center piece. What a pain in the ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD it was to get the climate control piece in and out!