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  1. good chattin with you mandudebro!

  2. Road

    ROAD's T-5R

    The beginning of another T-5R restoration %^)
  3. got his T-5R project %^)

  4. Honey, I'm Home!!!!!

  5. Road

    Burnt 850

    95' 850 Turbo Had just had evaporator replaced in 02', blown heater core hose took out fuel line while driving it home from the shop. Mother F**ker cried poverty on me. He'll get his!
  6. Thank you for allowing me into this 1% group.

    I have the sickness and will not let you down.

    I've owned and worked on Volvo's from 544 to 850's.

    Ol' school knuckle bust'n fixer of everything.

    What you got?