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  1. wow that driveway is "pegged" out lol
  2. Darn, looks GOOD my man.. how is she running?? probably like it wasn't even swapped huh...
  3. lol and i gotz 2!!! ballerrrrrrrr =)
  4. my 1st P2 looking sad.. on the outside
  5. holy crap dougy i was just looking last week and this is already done?! do you sleep? haha.. im swapping engines/trannies on my P2 when the weather gets nicer and figuring i wouldn't be done for over a month! man, nice work it looks totally factory. i dont think anybody (maybe not even from here) would ever realize this isn't the original. again man, really nice.
  6. i always like your threads dougy. must be nice to have engines just laying around and the know-how to plug them into cheap cars! cool project.. like Riker said, i wish i knew what cheap was like.
  7. Kit Vexed

    Eriks 850

    lol nice gif.. and the comments along with them.. i've always dug your french headlights in new york brah
  8. Kit Vexed

    Eriks 850

    Looks good, but judging by the gold calipers and engine bay stickers you own a hookah and are likely metro.
  9. hey, keep your head up bro, this body guy could pop some ritalin and a few lines of coke and get it all done tonight! gotta believe man, BELIEVE. as far as the 'wolfpack' goes, this is the 1st time i've been on in a month and it never surprises me how happy happy joy joy that negative button makes them lol.. if 'i' start going around, day in/day out, 'negativing' ppl up, the tears and complaints start though =) KEVIN, you are the great and powerful 'oz' of VS and you are to be feared and respected! i can't beat you man... EVER. im not sure what that means in the real world, but congratulations! i concede.. you're not a pudgy worm, but a manly MAN. dust the crumbs off your shirt and shake hands with me huh?
  10. lol, Kevin, relax and have a salad and some sensa before you give yourself a seizure or heart attack.. you're on here waaay too much and it's not good for that waistline (and it shows). be the *bigger man and stop putting in your .02 EVERYTIME i post something. jesus.
  11. i know, bro. glad to see Ben's work didn't go to total stuff or anything.. you're doing good.
  12. relax ya'll, it's HIS thread and he'll post at his own pace.. if ya'll didnt have time to waste, you certainly wouldn't be on VS. nobody is forcing anybody to look here, nor comment. i dont see anybody complaining about boxpin's 5th clutch/transmission swap as it's happening incrementally so what's the problem here now?? anyways... Dougy, in lieu of you needing a paintjob, i did like the dark grey bro. it's a pretty unique color for the 850. sonic blue never belonged on that generation. im glad you're at least leaving the trim original; i never liked when people paint-matched it. i am excited to see how it turns out and hope you get a great finish! regards bro.
  13. if i knew how to post pics i would! it's on facebook.