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  1. who gives a $hit about the sound and interior - it's a factory 5spd hpt saffron coupe! i wouldnt care if the stereo was ripped out and the interior was purple haha. super rare 1 yr only car man! low miles to boot.. take care of her.. you're not too far from me either so let me know whenever you're ready to sell! by far my favorite year/color/coupe. literally only a handful of these were made.
  2. ha then i'd be your east coast twin.. i like the gray though. it's classic volvo man. just gotta showroom new/heat gun it once a year - no biggie.
  3. better? sorry. shouldve done this in one post. sorry again.
  4. the pic doesn't blow up if you click on it?? sorry if it's just on here small =(
  5. i think the problem is psychologically we know that spoiler is from an 850R, more so, than it actually looking bad..