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  1. Yes...just SRS warning light. The signal from crash sensor is on the same pin B3....but 70 series cluster use additional B5 and B15 pin for SRS light which are not used on 850 cluster. I'll take wiring diagrams,i allready printed ,to my car electician to see what he can say about it. If he can make SRS light to work on bulb check and if SRS system doesn't show a code for it after re-pinning....i'll install the cluster. Otherwise i'll sell it and buy odometer gears for original cluster.
  2. Pinout on a connector B is totally different for SRS light on 70 series cluster.That's why it won't appear on bulb check and that's why it stored a code in SRS module. I discovered that today when i looked at wiring diagrams. According to Volvo....if any code is stored in SRS module SRS system is disabled. Yes...i do trust them since i bought the car new from the factory with special order. I'll report back if i manage to make it work.
  3. Well....when check engine light is on engine management will not go in closed loop. Seriously...the code isn't stored in the cluster.It's stored in SRS module. All data i read says that when there is a code stored in SRS module,airbag system will be disabled....except on VW cars. The other example...when battery light burns out or if you remove it,the alternator will not charge the battery...there will be no output from alternator.
  4. I put back the original cluster until i figure out how to solve the issue with SRS code for warning light i'm getting with s,v70 cluster. I'm not risking to drive the car with possible disabled SRS system.
  5. I found and installed s,v70 cluster into my 850 today. Everything works....but SRS light won't turn on with key in posII along with all other little lights. I thought...ok....burnt bulb....replaced the bulb and it still won't come on. Checked for SRS codes and got code SRS-127(SRS warning lamp OC or SC to ground). Looks like somebody tried to mask the problem with SRS(deployed airbags or something). So....my question is.....can this code prevent the airbags from functioning? If it does....i'll remove the cluster(again) and take it to specialist to solve this problem. If it doesn't affect SRS system functionality...i'll leave it alone...for now(untill i wold have some extra time).
  6. Can you post a pictures? Does it match edges perfectly ...just like 850 cluster? EDIT: Never mind...i just found what i was looking for: http://www.vpcuk.org/forums/showthread.php?57561-v70-dash-clocks-in-an-850-t5&highlight=s%2Cv70+clocks+into+850 It shouldn't matter if the car is 10v or 20v...isn't it?
  7. I found one from '98 but it's a 10v car. https://www.vindecoder.pl/YV1LW5102W2502993 Will it work into 20v car?
  8. Thanks bmdubya1198. We'll see what i can find.
  9. Can somebody post part numbers for '97-'98 cluster(EU had s,v70 from '97) and for '99+? I can't take it back when i buy it. Just want to be sure.
  10. Are part numbers of the cluster from '98 and '99 different? I found one locally,but don't know from which year the car was.
  11. So...no modifications of any kind required for '97 850? What about cosmetic look? Some says that s,v70 cluster is different shaped and doesn't physically fit the best way around edges. Did somebody allready performed this kind of modification/upgrade? I would like to see the pictures of how it fits in 850.
  12. Is instrument cluster from s,v70 from '97 or '98 compatible with 850? I know that '99+ will not work because of CAN protocol. Is it direct fit to 850? I have broken odo gear(s) and i would like to upgrade to a digital odo which s,v70 have.
  13. If the car have automatic transmission it could be a code for transmission.You can't read those codes with standard scanner.At least you would need vol-fcr. Some auto transmission codes are presented via check engine light. The other possibility is that you have a specific volvo code which can't be read via standard obd II reader.
  14. I also think that it should work but i'm not sure. Can anybody else confirm that it will work or i need to dig deeper to find #1N4003?