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  1. If the car have automatic transmission it could be a code for transmission.You can't read those codes with standard scanner.At least you would need vol-fcr. Some auto transmission codes are presented via check engine light. The other possibility is that you have a specific volvo code which can't be read via standard obd II reader.
  2. I also think that it should work but i'm not sure. Can anybody else confirm that it will work or i need to dig deeper to find #1N4003?
  3. Can somebody confirm that diode #1N4007 instead of #1N4003 will work? That's the only diode i could find in Serbia for now. I talked with my electrician today and he said that the ONLY difference between 1N4003 & 1N4007 is that 1N4007 can deal with higher voltage than 1N4003,all other characteristics are the same. What is your opinion?