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  1. Holy stuff Justin, congrats. Made quickish progress with that thing.
  2. Detailed it last weekend, but it needs to be hit with a buffer and I'm not that skilled. Drove my Saab just for the sake of driving it, I'm too addicted to the Volvo. I've only put like 8k miles on my Saab this year.
  3. I love FCP Groton. We have a late model Volvo, Saab, and BMW in my family so the website is a great resource. I also have to mention the customer service is absolutely exceptional. For my most recent order, without going into unnecessary details, I was given a credit because I didn't receive the VS discount. And to top it all off, the literally got the parts OVERNIGHT. Unbelievable. Fantastic logistics, customer service, prices, and selection. Of course more Genuine Volvo parts would be nice, but, honestly, I've never had the problem of FCP not having the Genuine Volvo part I needed.