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  1. Had the time, plus all the air tools and bits. Still need to bore the Mani and might polish the outer runners since I have air.
  2. bored and waiting to remove mani on Fri. so figurger what the heck!!!
  3. Found axle grease slung all around the inside of the wheel on the PS of the wagon.
  4. Got mine online, look for the one's that are switchable between vac. and pressure.
  5. http://www.mityvac.com/ PM me your addy, you can borrow mine.
  6. Or just buy the right tool for $50 and have it to do more jobs in the future.
  7. Gave the wagon the Black Box treatment, and detailed the interior.
  8. Waxed yeller, def. putting a buffer on my list of must have items. Borrowing a buddies to do the wagon! Waxed yeller, def. putting a buffer on my list of must have items. Borrowing a buddies to do the wagon!
  9. Yes Thank you, I kinda feel the same, gonna see if my buddy can whip me out some chromed lettering like the oe and overlay it.
  10. Thank you, it looks much better in person! I'm redoing mine with regular black headliner mat'l from joann's fabric. I'll still have to paint the handles, and visor's, but I think it will help break it up a bit. Edit: do believe the sunroof trim will now get the faux CF treatment. Do it!!! I'm thinking about it myself since some of my walnut is beat as is the wife's. I can make one good set and I just saw a plain black at the yard so who knows.
  11. 3M scotchprint, it has a higher gloss then the di-noc and is a bit thinner making it easier to work with, I also used the 3M 94 primer on the curved edges, corners got multiple reliefs cut to get it nice and smooth. Very easy to use with a little patience, hairdryer, squeegee or credit card, sharp razor.
  12. Last item yet to do once the wife returns with the wagon. I know she's gonna ask why she didn't get her console done.
  13. Washed them both, this week they will both be getting a long over due waxing. Also I got all my pieces to finally do the headliner in he wagon, x70 grey visors, handles, overhead console, and sunroof trim.
  14. Disagree, it's crisp with a minimal after taste good for evenings outdoors and mainly it has no perservatives.
  15. Agreed it's OK, Blue Moon sucks now that Bud took them over, gives me a headache ever time now. Hoegaarden is the best IMHO!
  16. Or just ask the next time your over, I have a bin full of them .
  17. Washed both cars, and added a little refridgerent to the wagon. Noticed the other day when it was 98 it wasn't as cold as it was last year, onje day i'll worry about looking for the leak but for now a can a year isn't bad enough in my book. Wife said I need to get hers working though , need to grab a compressor sometime and throw a charge at it and see what happens, just been too damn lazy! :lol:
  18. Yeah man, still need to put the brake lines on and do a flush, little here little there. Bet it feels good having it back on the road!!
  19. On the wifes yellow 302's up front with new ATE pads and new rotors and pads for the rear.