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  1. I'm now a strictly Mazda household. And a Sounders season ticket holder. Putting the money to good use.
  2. Sold my wagon today, less than 24 hours after posting it for sale on Craigslist.
  3. Looks like my fuel pump and/or relay are failing. Nobody carries in stock and iPd offers it for less than half what the local stores do. Let the waiting begin.
  4. $10 races at Traxx for their anniversary today. If anyone wants to challenge me I will be there for quite a while. 425-268-2144
  5. 1996. We got 26" in South Everett that year. They are predicting this to be as bad.. We shall see. I have about 10 inches of snow at the moment. While I showered another 2-3 inches of snow accumulated. It was really coming down between 10:00 and 14:00
  6. I had fun with Awd burn outs in the snow. Including an attempted 180 after my soccer game that was very successful.
  7. No one ever does lol inside joke amongst my cool coworkers. Nobody knows what Linda is
  8. All terms for buttsecks according to Wikipedia
  9. Spence goes looking for Linda when he drinks.... And, if he's lucky someone will offer him backstage passes to NSYNC. He could be George Michael's biggest fan
  10. Where's the cat burglar joke I was expecting to see from Danny or Andrew?
  11. Now I get Boeing 10s. Which are like a 5 in the real world. But the old timers love em. Interviewing today at 1 for a promotion . Voting ext week on a new contract that should pass and get us all a nice ratification bonus that might become my engine fund start up
  12. Work work work. Boeing is my mistress. Trying to make the paper to vette swap my FD. It's making an appearance at the Toy Run. And waiting for my 3rd nephew to be born any time now. Sister is induced, but things are progressing slowly