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  1. This. Except mine are zip-tied right now. Don't think they're gonna go anywhere, it's not like it's going to be going up against a bunch of force anyways. I bought mine pre-cut already because I got it second hand off someone that was looking to attach theirs to their 850.
  2. So bored at work. I'm getting paid to be on VS.
  3. I could have gotten a taller core for my intercooler with this lip too. I hear JDM power adds an extra 5hp on though. When is completion?
  4. You sure? My spoiler is off a honda, it's JDM already.
  5. It helps bring down the front of the car of those that don't have R bumpers. Do expand.
  6. At work yesterday. S90 lip added, that's all.
  7. No. I was using my friends T3i and the stock 18-55is lens. Nothing special :/
  8. Lol. nice job on the pictures. Awkward angles though. Keep it level and see how they turn out. It looks awesome though the lens but maybe not as much.
  9. I was in the tri-cities this past weekend. That was fun. Got like 20 shades darker, yay for being asian...? hahaha
  10. Just a picture. Car is dirty, rack will be coming off before I head over to work. It absolutely kills gas mileage. For those who don't know my car the major things are H&R Springs, FMIC, FX-R Retrofit, Fog Light retrofit, 2.5" Catback, 20% Tint. Those are the important things. Small things here and there.
  11. What is up with you and clear corners? Do you absolutely hate the color orange?
  12. Haven't shot much lately due to the lack of a camera. Took a quick trip to my Uncle's in the LA area and got a decent shot of him.