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  1. Final bump, the FCP Euro Cybermonth sale ends TONIGHT! Last chance to get in and save 5% on all orders, or 10% on orders over $299 (that adds up!). Head over to https://www.fcpeuro.com/ and use the code LASTCHANCE before midnight eastern time. As always, if there's something you need and you don't see, don't hesitate to hit up customer service. We're standing by ready to help you out with your Volvo!
  2. Our biggest sale of the year is coming to an end! Use the code LASTCHANCE to save 5% off all orders, 10% off orders of $299 or more. Excludes orders containing MAP items. As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions. The Team at FCP Euro
  3. We’re making our biggest sale of the year even bigger, and hopefully that helps out some of our friends here on Volvospeed with getting your Vo's in tip-top shape before the winter. 2020 has been a bit of a letdown, so we made sure our annual Cyber Week sale wouldn't be. It typically kicks off the Thursday before Black Friday, extending through Cyber Monday, but we’ve decided to change things up and give you the entire month of November to save on your parts. Enjoy a three-week head start when you shop at FCP Euro. You’ll save $10 off orders of $125 or more, $20 off $250+, and $40 off $500+ when you use the code “CYBERMONTH” at checkout! coupons.fcpeuro.com is the link to find new deals all month long, so definitely check it out. As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions. The Team at FCP Euro -- FCP Euro
  4. Could not have said it better myself.
  5. Cool site, Thanks.

  6. I drove mine to work and went through some puddles during lunch pretty fast, haha.
  7. Twitter blows dude. Absolutely useless. I have tried (you can twitter fcpgroton)
  8. Yeah, then we had to ship it to you for free and we got hosed! LOL Luckily we really like you guys.
  9. This one has always been tricky I come up with this for an application guide: S70 Turbo '98 thru '00 thru Ch.# 565000 AWD V70 Turbo '98 thru '00 X-Country thru Ch.# 540000 W/2.4 Engine Can we confirm with Vadis? Aftermarket is a viable option. Never had any of these come back.
  10. Just took your email provided on previous order and "invited friends" Glad you are happy with the experience.
  11. Only to be fair, the discount is only available to supporting members. Last time I checked it is fairly inexpensive and the savings from one order from our company would far exceed the amount to become a supporting member. It also helps VS keep running its expensive server.