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  1. Could not have said it better myself.
  2. I drove mine to work and went through some puddles during lunch pretty fast, haha.
  3. Twitter blows dude. Absolutely useless. I have tried (you can twitter fcpgroton)
  4. Yeah, then we had to ship it to you for free and we got hosed! LOL Luckily we really like you guys.
  5. This one has always been tricky I come up with this for an application guide: S70 Turbo '98 thru '00 thru Ch.# 565000 AWD V70 Turbo '98 thru '00 X-Country thru Ch.# 540000 W/2.4 Engine Can we confirm with Vadis? Aftermarket is a viable option. Never had any of these come back.
  6. Just took your email provided on previous order and "invited friends" Glad you are happy with the experience.
  7. Only to be fair, the discount is only available to supporting members. Last time I checked it is fairly inexpensive and the savings from one order from our company would far exceed the amount to become a supporting member. It also helps VS keep running its expensive server.
  8. Any differences between the Autobahn hoses and the Samco hoses? We are looking at contacting one of these companies.
  9. Thank you for your input Mr. Yuck, Unfortunatley dropping the Scan-tech line because of some general statements toward the quality is not an option. They are, after all the leading supplier of Volvo and Saab spare parts in the world. I encourage everyone to do their own due diligence towards a companies quality/ research and development, and ultimately make their own decisions. I will tell you however, for the past seven years roughly 40 thousand dollars worth of inventory passes through our doors daily whether incoming or outgoing. Every product we have ever sold I have physically touched at one point or another. I know the people behind the products, what they stand for, what their morals and ethics are, and business practices in general. I hope that you are all starting to know myself and FCP on a personal level and trust that we are not going to allow a product to be sold to a customer knowing that we could potentially be putting them or their family at risk. Anyone or anything I put my personal guarantee on I am going to defend. That is the type of company we are and that is the type of person I am. Scan-tech is owned by Dorman Products: Dorman Products Inc. (Dorman) is a supplier of original equipment dealer exclusive automotive replacement parts, and fasteners and service line products primarily for the automotive aftermarket. The Company designs, packages and markets approximately 92,000 different automotive replacement parts (including brake parts), fasteners and service line products manufactured to its specifications. Approximately 35% of its parts and 69% of its net sales consist of original equipment dealer exclusive parts and fasteners. Original equipment dealer exclusive parts are those, which were traditionally available to consumers only from original equipment manufacturers or salvage yards and include, among other parts, intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds, oil cooler lines, window regulators, radiator fan assemblies, power steering pulleys and harmonic balancers. Fasteners include such items as oil drain plugs and wheel lug nuts Scan-tech invest millions of dollars toward quality control and research and development, and is in full accordance to is 9001 standards which many aftermarket suppliers are not http://www.scantechproducts.com/1/ Scan-tech supports the Volvo community and gives all Volvo owners with a low cost alternative to maintain and repair their vehicle. They don't hide their contact info, in fact they encourage you all to give them feedback and let them know what they could do better. Stop talking about them, and talk to them. Let them know how you feel. Work with them to make your community stronger. If you have a problem with a part, or had a problem with a part let them know. They don't hide their contact info, and in case you missed it on their site, its listed below. What they do from that point is beyond your control, my control, or FCP's control but it will ultimately decide their existence. Scan-techs info: Niclas Juthage Scan-tech Quality and process manager Phone: +46 8449 9600 Cell: +46 7081 35 100 njuthage@scantechproducts.com
  10. Everyone misses the old site.... we MAY be able to re-incarnate it simply as a resource. The old site was archaic. It was just plain html and that design would not support the retail management software that we use (and that retail management software has been fundamental to our development and growth) Actually, because everyone dislikes the design of the current FCP Groton website, a new version will be released on Monday that we have been working several months. We have taken all of your advice and tried to produce something that everyone would be happy with while confirming to the criteria of our backend software. Hope you guys all like. Thank you again for the support.
  11. That is actually one of the topics covered on our recent survey (people want their vehicle saved) and we agree also. We contacted our graphic designer/ webmaster and our third party retail management software company and we are going to try our best to make this happen for you. We were thinking about publishing the results and the comments of the survey (email addresses excluded obviously). Do you think anyone that made a comment would have an objection? Your comments will potentially be seen, but no email associated so no one will know who made the comments.
  12. Its quite simple. We all support each other. Life is a give and take.
  13. The membership would more than pay for itself on the first order. Plus, the server costs $$ to support the traffic on VS.
  14. Again, I extend my apologies. We realize that many of our customers are do it yourselfers trying to learn as you go, so we have hired a certified tech within the past 6 months. His name is Michael Rivera available at 877-634-0063 ext 206 and welcomes anyone that needs assistance irregardless if you have purchase or intend to purchase parts from us. Also, if you let me know your details I can find out the sales rep that took your order and possibly identify this weakness in our organization.
  15. I have to ask, what exactly did we do to loose your business. Like I stated before, the majority of the seven or so years we have been in business it was only Nick and myself, so there is a good chance that it was one of us that you dealt with on a personal level. If it was current (in the past year or two), it might not have been Nick or myself. Either way I think it would be beneficial for us both that we determine the root of the problem.
  16. Oh Boy, I may get a little bit of heat by saying this. You state, "He answers my questions and seems to genuinely happy to have me as a customer." Well, I say "They work with me, understanding the demands they put on me and seem happy to have me as a vendor" - is that so wrong, after all we are human too. Straight up we got abused by a majority of the customers- being screamed at, yelled at, cussed out, demands here, demands there- and those demands unreasonable at best. It's something I wouldn't tolerate in my personal life, but required to take the abuse in a work environment. Life was miserable for a couple of years and we aren't the type of people who complain. There were a small handful that actually appreciated the work Nick and myself put in and complimented us, but that was few and far between. If it wasn't for those customers, we would have probably left the game a while ago. We just ask people to treat us how they would like to be treated. You guys all want Genuine Volvo Parts, but unfortunately there is no magic button to make them appear overnight. It takes months upon months of compiling spreadsheets with Sku's, product ID's, taking images, HTML for the website, List Prices, Linking them to vehicles, finding weights for the products, then keeping up with the price changes Volvo makes every 30 days or so (and while we are feverishly trying to get this done everyone wants their products shipped out the same day and delivered tomorrow!) The invitation is open for anyone on this board to come down on a Monday or Tuesday and just experience first hand what our operations entail. Maybe you will get a better understanding of what is required from us. WEB 2.0 To me when I think of Web 2.0, it is the new generation of web design. Not only are the web pages a little more crisp and concise, but websites are beginning to integrate the social media and social networking aspect of the web. We have a blog, we network on Facebook and Myspace, we not only have images of our products, we will now begin to have videos on You Tube. Web 2.0 establishes inter-human connection, because after all, most of us are all humans. Here is the latest from our graphic designer on our Web 2.0 which has been 2 months in the works http://www.fcpgroton.com/content/newfront.php A more technical description is found here http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/a/oreilly/ti...-is-web-20.html
  17. Site, def needs some tweaking! We are working on it. Let us know what drop-downs need to be consolidated/tweaking. We started on a few models, but it's an extremely arduous task. We changed the S80 and XC90 so far. Thanks for the input
  18. We just learned of Darryl Waltrip Volvo when we signed up on VS. Frankly, the markup on Genuine Volvo Parts is so marginal, it would not keep a company like ours in business. It is much more of a hassle to source Genuine Volvo Parts. We do it as a courtesy for our Volvo owners- we do not do it for BMW, Audi, VW, Mercedes, Porsche or Jag. There was never a change in ethos of our company. Same people, same principles. We just experienced growing pains and we didn't have enough time to devote to other areas.
  19. Keep in mind, we do have to stay in business. I will throw it out there- what is a REASONABLE VS Discount we can offer? What are the requirements? Tiered?
  20. Sorry for the delay. I will have Nick look into this. We typically leave the upgrades or mods to a IPD.