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  1. my 2c facts and data will not get this asshole convicted, as a Florida resident, knows, hardly anyone (other than of color) gets convicted of a crime (sic) our current Gov.

    Florida juries dont like to convict.

    PS in Miami it is easier to get a handgun than a pack of skitles!

  2. http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2012-08-10/business/chi-levin-decision-not-to-prosecute-goldman-sachs-shows-weakness-20120810_1_639-page-report-goldman-sachs-mortgage-securities

    My 2c The decision of the DOJ / The Current administration, and Congress totally nauseate me.

    I really do not see any appreciable difference between these guys, I've been independent all my life.

    I may sit this one out.

  3. ^ This

    Plus starting fires, with people in their homes above the shops,

    No regard for human life.

    I vote that they are airlifted to Afganastan,

    They get to pack their own parachutes on route,

    Robustly, encourage them to depart the aircraft,

    over the same valley where those special ops personnel were killed on saturday.

    end of rant

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